Natasha Alexander Rodriguez

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Natasha Alexander Rodriguez is the first daughter of Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez, an American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman, media personality, and businessman. The superstar was born to Lourdes Rodriguez and Victor Rodriguez.

About her father 

Her father was born in 1975 in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. He was raised with his two half-siblings, Joe and Suzy

He has been playing baseball in high school, and with his special skills of being powerful and fast, he is now considered one of the greatest players of all time. 

He signed a ten-year contract of $252 million, which was the richest in baseball history at the time. He signed a $275 million deal with the Yankees

After his successful career with baseball, he retired in 2016. He is now a media personality. 

He is a broadcaster for Fox Sports 1. In 2018 he joined ESPN as a Sunday Night Baseball analyst.  In the same year, he became the host of the show Back in the Game.

Natasha Alexander Rodriguez with her father Alex Rodriguez and sister Ella Alexander Rodriguez
Natasha Alexander Rodriguez with her father Alex Rodriguez and sister Ella Alexander Rodriguez  Source: Instagram 

About her mother, Cynthia Scurtis

Cynthia Scurtis was born on  December 28, 1972, in Florida, USA.

She is the granddaughter of the Rev. Demosthenes Mekras, one of Florida's most influential Greek Orthodox

She was athletic and played volleyball in high school. She went to Ohio State University and got her degree in Psychology and master's degree from Fort Lauderdale's Nova Southeastern University

She is now a psychology teacher in a high school. 

She is now married to Angel Nicolas and have a daughter named Camilla Nicolas with him.

Natasha Alexander Rodriguez parents Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis 
Natasha Alexander Rodriguez parents Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis   Source: Pinterest

Failed Marriage of Parents

Alex and Cynthia met in a gym in Miami. The pair met in 1996 in  Stairmaster at Body and Soul Gym and started dating. 

They got married in 2002 in Cynthia's grandfather's mansion in Texas after dating for several years. The couple has two children together.

They had their first daughter Natasha on November 18, 2004. They had another daughter Ella Alexander Rodriguez born on April 21, 2008

After seven years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2008 when wife  Cynthia filed a divorce in July, citing "emotional abandonment" of her and their two daughters. 

There were also rumors about him cheating on her by hooking up with a stripper. High-profile celebrity Madonna, a world-famous singer, was also rumored to have an affair with him. 

This made her finally file a divorce, but Madonna herself denied the rumor to the media. 

Her mother had demanded alimony, child support, and their $12 million waterfront mansion of Coral Gables, Florida

She also asked for money to pay for her children's private school and life and health insurance. Her father is reported that he was paying $115,000 a month. During that, he was also earning $30 million a year. 

After his retirement, he thinks $100,000 is too much to pay and says that $20,000 would be a fair price to pay.

Father engaged Jennifer Lopez

Natasha Alexander Rodriguez father Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Natasha Alexander Rodriguez father Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez  Source: Instagram

Alex first met Jennifer Lopez in 2005 and got reconnected twelve years later in February of 2017

They bumped into each other while out in a restaurant. He asked her out to dinner, and the couple started dating. Alex said she was an amazing girl and an incredible mother. 

He proposed her in 2019 with a 10 to 15-carat emerald-cut diamond ring, estimated to be worth around $1.8 million. The couple postponed their wedding due to the Coronavirus.

In the recent news, the couple has called off the wedding and announced their breakup. Jennifer said she could not yet trust Alex, and they both agreed they would be better off being friends. 

They haven't deleted any photos of them to date. 

Natasha Alexander Rodriguez with her family
Natasha Alexander Rodriguez with her family  Source: Instagram 

Alexander talks about his past mistakes

 Alexander Rodriguez gave an interview on the talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In that interview, he told about his ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez, his kids, and the mistake he made in his career. He started the interview by talking about his past. 

But he said that he had learned from those mistakes, and now he is trying to be the best person he can be for his daughter's parents and girlfriend. 

He was suspended from baseball because of some mistakes that he had made before. 

The interviewer then asked him about Jennifer Lopez, whom he dated. Alexander opened up about Jennifer, saying that she was the best person he had ever met.

When asked about the person who got excited when they knew about him dating Jennifer Lopez, Alex replied, saying that it was his daughters who got excited, which amazed the interviewer and the audience. 

Her daughters were very close to her and got along with her at no time. Jennifer and his children enjoy themselves together. 

They hang out, sing together, and enjoy together every time. His daughters love Jennifer

Before getting into a relationship with Jennifer, his children hardly called him when he was at his work, but his daughters called him 3 or 4 times a day after he started dating Jennifer. 

Alex asks them how they are doing and what's up with them, but they show no interest in answering them. 

They don't care about Alex. Instead, they keep on searching. Jennifer asks him where she is and what she is doing. 

As soon as Alex replies, Jennifer is busy with her work. His daughters hung up the call, which was funny. 

He feels that Jennifer's twin children are amazing. But they look at him like they've never seen tall guys like him, and it seems like they are impressed with his height.

Alex loves using Instagram 

Alexander Rodriguez and his two daughters did some Q and A together

His daughter's name is Ella and Natasha, and as many of Alex's fans wanted to know about his daughter's activities, he decided to do Q and A with his daughter. 

The first question he asked his daughters was what of the most irritating things annoy them.

His first daughter replied, saying he laughs and tries to make something funny even if it is not funny. 

Her second daughter also feels the same as he tries to dance even though he is not good at it. 

Alex then said that he likes everything about his daughters, but Natasha's habit of not speaking and not answering annoys him very much. 

His second daughter Ella doesn't say goodnight while she is about sleep, and it drives him crazy. 

Then they told each other's favorite food. Alex then told about the things that he must have in his daily life, that's exercising, checking Instagram, and drinking plenty of water.

While Alex said he could not spend his day without checking Instagram, his daughter's reaction was funny.

Then another question was whose the most comic among them, and for that, Alex replied, saying that his second daughter Ella is the funniest one among them. 

Her second daughter said that she is more like Alex, that is why she doesn't know how to make things funny.  

Alex then shared one of the most best moments that he had with his daughters, and after that, his two daughters ran to him and hugged him in the stadium. 

That was a heart-touching moment for him. That was the end of his career, and as he was a father and player, nothing could be big or better than that moment for him.

He celebrated his career-ending with his daughters, and he was pleased about that. To know more about Q and A, check the full link.

Net worth and Income Sources 

She is not working yet, but her father's net worth is $350 million, and his income source is baseball and business.

Net worth $350 million
Income Source Baseball, Business 

Age, Weight, and Height 

  1. She was born November 18, 2004, making her 16 years old.
  2. Her information about height and weight is unknown.
  3. Her birth sign is Scorpio.

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