Victor Rodriguez

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Victor Rodriguez is Alex Rodriguez's father, an American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman, businessman, and philanthropist.

His Family

Victor was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York, United States

Rodriguez was married to a woman named Lourdes Rodriguez in the late 1960s. The exact date of their marriage has not been disclosed. 

Lourdes was already a divorced woman and had two kids named Suzy Dunand and Joe Dunand Sr before marrying Victor

Victor and Lourdes only had two children named Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez, born on July 27, 1975.

The other child was named after Victor. He was named Victor M Rodriguez Jr.

Victor's ex-wife and children
Victor's ex-wife and children   Source: Instagram

Failed Marriage of Victor

Victor and Lourdes decided to get a divorce when his son Alex was just nine years old. 

The exact reason for their split has never been revealed. Rumors said that they had a very unhealthy and abusive relationship. 

Victor never really worked hard to support his family while his wife used to work two jobs to provide for their basic needs. 

Lourdes was a straight-headed woman. She did not care if she was divorced again. 

After getting divorced, Victor moved out of the house, leaving his two kids behind.  

Strange Relationship with his Son

After getting a divorce and leaving his family and hometown behind, Victor never returned. 

He never provided for his children. Alex, who was just a tiny kid, was waiting for his father, but he never returned.

Alex's whole family knew that his parents were getting a divorce except him. His mother did not want to break his heart.

Alex has shared in many interviews that he waited every day for his dad, but he never came back. 

He would usually get upset because his teammates' dads were always present at their matches to support them. 

Alex was emerged as a talented high school player and was drafted by the Seattle Mariners

This news was published in the newspaper. Victor saw this news contacted his son after eight years. 

He reached the same week and congratulated him. Alex said that he was not much impressed by his father's call.

Next year when Alex had been sent down to the Dominican Republic to play in its winter baseball league, Victor showed up at the batting practice.

Alex could not recognize his dad after so many years, and when his dad told him who he was, he almost broke down and cried. 

They exchanged few conversations and decided to meet the very next day for lunch. Later his son decided to cancel the lunch appointment. 

He felt guilty and remorse for canceling the lunch appointment. 

He later arranged to have a satellite television disk delivered to his estranged father's house so that he could watch his son's match. 

Victor's relationship with his son has been pretty terrible. Not much has been revealed about his relationship with Alex now. 

Grandfather of Two

Victor's son has two children from his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. His granddaughter's names are Natasha Alexander Rodriguez and Ella Alexander Rodriguez

Natasha was born on November 18, 2004. She is sixteen years old. Ella was born in 2008 and is just thirteen years old. 

Victor's son and granddaughters
Victor's son and granddaughters  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The education, career, and professional life of Victor Rodriguez has not been disclosed. 

The net worth of his son is given below:

Net WorthSources
$350 millionFormer Baseball player, Businessman

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The pictures, age, height, and weight of Victor are unknown.
  2. His nationality is American.

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