Who Is Natasha Mitrovic? Mother Of Aleksandar Mitrovic

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Who Is Natasha Mitrovic? Mother Of Aleksandar Mitrovic

Natasha Mitrovic is the mother of Serbian professional footballer Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Her son Aleksandar is well known for being a player for Newcastle United FC.

She is married to Ivica Mitrovic and has two sons named Aleksandar and Milan Mitrovic. She is a Serbian citizen.

Natasha Mitrovic with her husband, Ivica Mitrovic.
Natasha Mitrovic with her husband, Ivica Mitrovic. Source: Imago

Married Life Of Natasha’s Son Aleksandar 

Aleksandar is married to his wife, Kristina Mitrovic. The couple tied the knot in 2021. 

Kristina and Aleksandar had their wedding in Belgrade, Serbia. They started dating each other in 2014.

They are now parents of two children, Nadja Mitrovic, and Luka Mitrovic. Their first child was born just two years after they started dating. 

Aleksandar Mitrovic with his wife and children.
Aleksandar Mitrovic with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Aleksandar is 28 years old. The net worth of Aleksandar is $10 Million

Aleksandar Attacked A Player In The Match

Fulham went against Leeds United in Premier League, where Aleksandar also played for Fulham

Being one of the major attackers on the team, he was expected to play to his fullest. 

He was the player who was expected to score and get win. But shocking his fans, club, and teammates, he was sent out at the match's opening. 

He attacked the opposing team, the defender of Leeds United, with his elbow, which was intentional. 

For this improper behavior, he was sent off from the match. But it was not just the action taken against him. 

He was banned for three matches straight for his behavior. He also admitted his actions, and he was banned instantly.

Natasha Mitrovic's son Aleksandar Mitrovic.
Natasha Mitrovic's son Aleksandar Mitrovic. Source: Instagram

Aleksandar Will Be Playing With Broken Leg

Aleksandar injured his leg in a match. It was reported that his two bones of the leg were broken. 

He was supposed to be resting, but he played for his national team. He was restricted from playing, but even the country’s coach couldn’t stop him from playing. 

He didn’t even play for the club against Manchester United because it could affect his play in the World Cup

From the statement of the national coach of Serbia, Aleksandar will be playing with an injured leg in the World Cup.

He himself had decided to play in one leg and is not willing to take a rest instead of leaving the World Cup matches.

Everyone is hoping that he will heal before that time. 

Aleksandar Is The Idol Of Ivan Toney 

Aleksandar has the signature celebration that he uses after scoring each goal. It was something that represented him, and no one else did. 

But his past teammate Ivan Toney celebrated with his signature celebration after scoring a goal for Brentford.

The media criticized Aleksandar as they thought Ivan was teasing Aleksandar.

But Aleksandar cleared out all the mess the media made with his statements. He expressed that he and Ivan were together at Newcastle United, and they both used to train with each other. 

Aleksandar revealed that he once idolized Alan, his mate, and he probably idol of Ivan

He said that during their time together, he has taught them many things about Ivan, and Ivan celebrating like him was not an offensive act but a respect towards the idol.

Aleksandar Is At Fulham Because Of The Coach

Aleksandar has been given the position where he has the freedom to play how he wants, and all of this credit goes to one and only Marco Silva, the manager of Fulham.

People say that Aleksandar is the favorite of Marco, but Marco is good with all the players and the crew. 

From what Aleksandar said, Marco is the favorite of every player, crew, and president. 

He is a man that was full of tactics, honesty, and trustfulness. Aleksandar even said he was in the club holding his position only because of the coach's presence. 

He said Marco would be one of the best coaches in the world in the near future.

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