Who Is Nick Kocher? Rumored Boyfriend Of Riki Lindhome

by Pragya Sat Dec 10 2022 Updated On Tue May 09 2023
Who Is Nick Kocher? Rumored Boyfriend Of Riki Lindhome

Nick Kocher is the rumored boyfriend of American actress Riki Lindhome. Nick himself is a comedian, actor, and producer professionally. 

He is well known for his appearance in Saturday Night Live (1975). 

Nick is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He is an American by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Nick 

Nick is currently married to Karen Gillian. They happily tied the knot in May 2022.

Nick's wife Karen is a well-known actress. They had their wedding at Castle Toward, Scotland.

Before getting married, Nick and Karen dated for two years. 

They also worked together in a movie titled The Bubble. 

Nick Kocher with his wife, Karen Gillian.
Nick Kocher with his wife, Karen Gillian. Source: Pinterest

About His Rumored Ex-Girlfriend Riki

Riki was born in 1979 to her parents, Cheryl Lindhome and Rick Lindhome. She has a brother named Tim Lindhome

Age And Net Worth 

Nick is 36 years old. He has a net worth of $13 Million.

Nick Kocher's rumored girlfriend, Riki Lindhome.
Nick Kocher's rumored girlfriend, Riki Lindhome. Source: Instagram

Nick Was Paranoid

Nick revealed through his Twitter that he lost his coat as he left it somewhere and said that he had left the key to his apartment and the address in the coat. 

After he realized it, he was very paranoid. He said that he was scared of getting robbed and murdered out of nowhere. 

So he installed a security cam in his house. After a month, he was relieved when no one entered his house. 

But his next cam warned him that someone was in his house and on searching, the person was himself. 

Nick even left his apartment and went to his friend for a few days. His friend didn’t know about the camera, but Nick was looking at his friend through the camera. 

But Nick played the voice through the camera and surprised his friend. He revealed to his friend that he could see him. 

Fortunately, the lost coat was found as one of the people contacted him through social media and told him to return it.

Nick Was Bullied As A Child

Nick described his childhood to be ugly as he didn’t look great in his childhood, and he was bullied. 

He described himself as the best gift for the bully children at school because he was ugly and wore big fat glasses. 

As he was bullied, his parents put him in sports, thinking that might change his and the children’s behavior towards him. 

But in sports as well, he was constantly bullied. He expressed that he was never made for sports. 

He was lame at every sport and had no interest in the field. He even changed his name from Nicholas to Nick.

Nick Peed In His Pants

Nick was in his third grade and was about ten years old when he joined a baseball team

It was not his thing, but he stayed on the team because of his parents. 

One day the individual baseball photos were being taken, and Nick was in the line to take the picture on the ground. 

He was in a hurry to pee and was holding his pee tight. He thought that he could hold his pee until his turn came. 

But as it took a long time, he thought of going to the bathroom. But unfortunately, his name was called up. 

His photo was taken as he was struggling to hold the pee. The cameraman told him to smile. 

He couldn’t move his face because he was holding the pee tight. But as he had to smile, he posed by smiling. 

As the photographer was taking several photos, he couldn’t hold his pee any longer, so he peed in his pants. 

He said he peed for 45 seconds, but it felt like an hour long. His friends were disgusted by him. 

They didn’t come near him. He tried to lie, saying it was juice in his pocket that broke out, but there were no pockets in his shorts.

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