Who Is Rick Lindhome? Father Of Riki Lindhome

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Who Is Rick Lindhome? Father Of Riki Lindhome

Rick Lindhome is the father of American actress, comedian, and musician Riki Lindhome. He is married to his wife, Cheryl Lindhome. They have two children, Riki and Tom Lindhome.

Rick Lindhome with his wife.
Rick Lindhome with his wife. Source: Instagram

Is Riki Married?

Riki is not married yet. But she is in a relationship with actor and comedian Fred Armisen. They have been dating each other for a while. 

They bought a house recently. Riki welcomed her son in 2022. But the father of her baby has not been revealed yet.

She was also rumored to be dating Nick Kocher; however, Nick is married now.

Rick Lindhome's daughter and his grandson.
Rick Lindhome's daughter and his grandson. Source: Instagram


His daughter Riki is 44 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Riki's net worth is estimated to be $400 thousand

Riki Revealed Her Outrageous Costume Comedy

In an interview, Riki said that she wanted to show what plastic surgery was like in the 19th century through her comedy sitcom. 

For that scene, she put a box of beans inside her mouth and was injected with arsenic and cyanide as they wanted her to look paler for the stage. 

Talked About How The Concept of 'Another Period' Appeared

Riki and her friend Natasha created a show named Another Period which was a historical satire based on a 19th-century family. 

She played the role of Beatrice in that show. Their character was made after reality show celebrities. 

In an interview, she shared that they came up with that idea over a wine. 

She said they planned to do something together for a very long time. 

One day they just talked about creating something but couldn’t think of any idea, so they went to get some wine.

While they had wine, Natasha came up with two ideas, one being the historical show based on 1902, and another was they play the biggest fools in a reality show. 

Riki loved both ideas and suggested combining both ideas. 

That was how the show was made. She said they did a lot of research about the time and era of the show. 

How Did Riki Meet Kate Micucci?

Riki and Kate made a musical comedy named Garfunkel and Oates. They not just only created it but also performed on it. 

Riki said that she met Kate during the auditioning days. She said they didn’t have a job at that time, so they were auditioning for commercials. 

She said when the casting agent was looking for actors for a commercial, but of them auditioned and, they received callbacks, and both of them ended up working in the same commercials. 

Though it didn't last long, Kate introduced herself to Riki over time, and they became friends. 

She said she got connected instantly and became soul friends. 

Riki shared that at that time, Kate's boyfriend complained that she loved Riki more than he did. 

Riki Explained About Her Song  

Riki writes songs on her own. She used to play songs in college. Her friend Kate also used to play comedy songs around town. 

They had been making music for years before they met each other individually. So when they met, they decided to work together and make songs. 

They made their first gig in 2008. She shared that while writing a song, they write everything about it on paper and brainstorm it. 

Then they exchanged each other papers, and Riki narrowed down the things Kate wrote and came up with the title. 

Riki does the past half of the lyrics and gave it to Kate, and Kate came up with the melody. So that's how they made a song. 

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