Nour Arida

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Nour Arida

Nour Arida is the new face of Boucheron, French luxury jewelry and watches. This Paris based brand is highly recognized for its luxury items. 

Nour Arida is 31 years old Lebanese model who later moved to Paris.

Horrific incident that changed Nour's life 

Nour revealed that she moved to Paris from her home Beirut after the horrific explosion in Beirut on August 4, which killed hundreds and injured thousands of people. 

In one Instagram video, Nour quoted that she was happy and thankful for the new beginning but at the same time she was sad to leave her whole life behind her.

A scar left on her 

Nour was sad to leave her hometown where she grew up in.

Nour expressed her deep love for her country and her people but was not happy about the terrorizing incidents. 

After the horrifying incident in Beirut, she could not live fearing for her life and her loved ones. 

On September 2020, Nour posted a picture of her and her daughter, quoting,

"Beirut, you broke our hearts......

Beginning of her new life 

Nour decided to lead a new life by moving to Paris, a city of fashion. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for Nour to live in a fashion capital place, which was just right for her job and interests. 

Moving to Paris was a massive leap in Nour's career.  

It has changed her life because she was recognized as an influencer and as a capable model. 

Moving to a different country helped Nour become more famous and explore her talents more in fashion. 

The early life of Nour Arida 

Nour started her fashion career by working as a sales associate at Aishti.  

Aishti is a Lebanese luxury department chain store that sells fashion and clothing. 

Nour then worked as a buyer and brand manager for different fashion labels with her talents and experiences. 

The fashion labels she worked for are Rag and Bone, Zimmermann, and Vince.

Nour Arida getting married to her husband George Badawi
Nour Arida getting married to her husband George Badawi Source: Instagram

Fascinating and expensive ceremony 

Nour was wearing a  jabotian wedding dress, which was $75000

Nour and George Badawi did not have a simple wedding. The cost of the ceremony is estimated to be around $1million

Nour and George sure spent a lot of their earnings on their beautiful wedding to celebrate their love.

Nour Arida With Her Husband, Flawless Fashion
Nour Arida With Her Husband, Flawless Fashion Source: Instagram

Nour posted a picture of her and beloved husband George on December 31, 2020, where George wears a black tuxedo and Nour wears a long black dress with a sexy slit. 

Nour and George have a baby daughter 

The beautiful couple has a baby daughter and named her Ayla. Ayla is now three years old. 

Nour has passed on her charm and beauty to her little daughter Ayla. The couple has taught Ayla their culture, and little Ayla can talk in Arabic. 

Nour Arida Adorable Daughter Holding A Teddy Bear
Nour Arida Adorable Daughter Holding A Teddy Bear Source: Instagram

Nour posted a picture of Ayla with her teddy bear. She loves to play with toys and spend time with her parents.

Nour's tattoos 

Nour has a few tattoos, which are unfortunately not clear in number. She has a few tiny tattoos on her finger and a few on her forearm.

Net worth and income sources 

The net worth of Nour is not disclosed. 

Some French models like Cindy Bruna, Thylane Blondeau, Filippa Hamilton have their net worth of around $1 million

Nour's worth is estimated to be about $800,000. She currently has $8 million Instagram followers, and her income per post is $16,522 - $27,536.

Worth$800,000 (estimated)
source of incomemodeling/ social media influencer 
income per post $16,522 - $27,536

Age and weight  

  1. Nour is 31 years old.
  2. Nour height is 5 feet and three inches.
  3. Nour weighs around 59 kgs.

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