Who Is Ayla? Daughter Of Nour Arida

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Who Is Ayla? Daughter Of Nour Arida

Ayla is the daughter of an American model, blogger and social media influencer Nour Arida

Her father's name is George Badawi. 

She does modeling with her mother sometimes. She is an American citizen.

Ayla with her mother Nour Arida
Ayla with her mother, Nour Arida Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Nour is currently married to George Badawi

They got married to each other back in 2015 and are now parents to a daughter named Ayla.

They had their marriage ceremony in Paris. 

Nour had a very expensive wedding. The dress that she wore on her wedding day was worth $75,000.

They spent almost 1 million dollars on their wedding day. 

As of 2022, they have completed seven years as husband and wife.

Ayla's  parents Nour Arida George Badawi
Ayla's parents Nour Arida George Badawi  Source: Instagram


Ayla is six years old and has her birthday on 7 October.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Nour is still under review. She earns as being a model, blogger and social media.

Ayla with her parents Nour Arida George Badawi
Ayla with her parents Nour Arida George Badawi  Source: Instagram

Nour Decided To Leave Her Hometown

Nour grew up in her home town Beirut, Lebanon

She has a lot of memories and pasts attached to the city. Her home was also located in the city of Beirut. 

But in 2020, a life taking deadly explosion took place in the capital of Lebanon that killed more than 190 of their citizens and injured more than a thousand citizens. 

This broke Nour’s heart. Her home also collapsed during that deadliest blast. 

Hence she decided to leave her past in the broken city and move to Paris along with her family.

George Is The Man Behind Nour’s Success

Nour is now a successful model on the international stage. 

She has made a name for herself and earned millions of followers on her social media. 

But all this started for her due to her husband George.

As Nour’s career started as a blogger in social media, George was the man behind all that idea. 

George knew that Nour’s fashion ideas and knowledge were unique and could attract people. 

Hence he made everything possible, including a photoshoot, promotion and everything for Nour

Because of her social media engagement, she was able to sign a contract with the Elite, and hence she shifted to the modeling side. 

Her life changed, and now she is one of the successful model.

Nour Doesn’t Care About Fame

Nour revealed in an interview that she cares less about the fame and name that she got from her work. 

All of her fan following is something that she doesn’t care much about. 

But the power of being a voice of many that come with her popularity is something she feels blessed about. 

She revealed that millions follow her. Hence her voice reaches millions of people, and they follow her. 

Hence she can speak for women's empowerment and children upliftment. 

She can speak about what she feels is going wrong in her country, or anywhere she is. 

She can bring some changes in thinking and situations due to her popularity. 

And she feels good about it.

Nour Does Not Like How Women In Arab Countries Acts

Nour revealed that she hates the way women act in Arab countries. 

She expressed that women try to demotivate and dominate other women. 

They backbite and try to make other women fall. 

According to Nour, women are jealous of other women and can’t stand one other having success in life. 

She also said that it never happens in European countries. 

She added up that there is a place for everyone to get success, and every woman should help each other in the way to success rather than pulling one another’s foot. 

She thinks that this situation much is changed.

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