Who is Olivia Burns? Daughter Of Ken Burns

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Who is Olivia Burns? Daughter Of Ken Burns

Olivia Burns is the daughter of Ken Burns, an American filmmaker. Olivia's mother is Julie Deborah Brown

Parent's Married Life

Olivia's parents got married on 18 October 2003. They have two daughters, Olivia and Willa Burns

Julie is the second wife of Ken. Previously, he was married to Amy Stechler. He has two children, Lilly Burns and Sarah Burns, with his first wife.

His daughter Sarah is an author and filmmaker. Lilly is a film producer.

Parents of Olivia Burns.
Parents of Olivia Burns. Source: Pinterest

Ken Sets A Record Over A Photo

Ken is a documentary filmmaker. A photo recently surfaced showing him with Supreme Court Clarence Thomas and billionaire David Koch

While David had funded one of Ken’s documentaries, Ken says he doesn’t have a personal relationship with Justice Thomas

Around ten years ago, Ken was in a photo taken with Justice Thomas and David Koch

David Koch supported public television and later gave money to one of Ken’s documentary projects called The Vietnam War

Ken took the photo and talked with them, but that is about the extent of their interaction. 

The Vietnam War is a long PBS documentary that tells the story of the Vietnam War with first-hand accounts from people on both sides. 

The photo became known because of an article discussing the financial connections between Justice Thomas and David Koch

It was revealed that Justice Thomas had been to some fundraising events hosted by David Koch, which is unusual because he is a Supreme Court Clarence, and these events involved people who brought cases to the Supreme Court

Ken Burns wasn’t mentioned in the article, but the photo was shown to be from a retreat in California where only men were present.

Olivia Burns with her father, Ken Burns.
Olivia Burns with her father, Ken Burns. Source: Pinterest


Olivia was born in March 1999. She is 24 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

As an American filmmaker, Ken's net worth is about $3.5 million.

Olivia with her mother.
Olivia with her mother. Source: Pinterest

Ken Documentary About American Buffalo

Ken made a documentary about the American buffalo

He talked about how, in the late 1800s, there were many buffalo in the American West, creating a diverse ecosystem. 

Native Americans lived in harmony with nature, but European settlers wanted to control the land. 

The buffalo were nearly wiped out due to hunting for profit and industrialization. 

The documentary honors the connection between Native Americans and the buffalo while warning about the harm humans can do to the environment. 

Ken also discussed how the government allowed the mass killing of buffalo and other animals to control Native Americans

This led to the largest slaughter of giant mammals in history, damaging the environment and biodiversity. 

He also discussed the importance of preserving national parks and the buffalo’s role. 

Ken also said that the decline of the American West and the decreasing buffalo population. 

Americans started romanticizing the buffalo and Native Americans, but they tried to get rid of them in the past.

Ken's Opinion On Sioux Nation 

Ken talked about a situation in the Sioux Nation and their claim to the Black Hills in South Dakota, which includes Mount Rushmore National Park

He says that the Supreme Court decided that the land was taken from the Sioux unfairly and offered them money as compensation. 

However, the Sioux have refused to take the money, which has grown significantly over the years because of interest. 

Ken believes the U.S. government should give the land back to the Sioux Nation and let them keep the money. 

He thinks the Black Hills should belong to the Lakota people because it’s their rightful land.

He also talked about how the discovery of gold in the Black Hills led to the loss of more Native American land through tricky laws like the Dawes Act

He thinks it is essential to fix past wrongs and acknowledge the natural history of Native Americans in the U.S.

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