Patricia Fair

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Patricia Fair

Patricia Fair is the mother of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is married to David Jones

Her husband Jones is the owner of the sweet factory. She has three children with Jones. The names of their children are Lyndon, David and Catherine.

Patricia herself is a seamstress. She is of Irish Catholic ethnicity. 

Patricia with her daughter
Patricia with her daughter  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Catherine Zeta-Jones

In the early 1990s, Catherine dated many famous personalities. She first got into a relationship with Leslie for two years. 

After that, she dated Angus Macfadyen, an actor. She even dated David Essex and Mick Hucknall

Catherine then got into a relationship with Michael Douglas. They both met each other in 1998 at a film festive and started dating. 

A year after dating each other, they got engaged with each other. Michael was married when he got engaged with Catherine

After Michael got divorced from his ex-wife, he married Catherine. Michael Is 25 years older than Catherine, but age didn't affect their relations. 

Since 2000 the couple are happily living with each other. They both have two children together named Dylan Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta Douglas.

They have completed 21 years of their married life and still counting more.

Patricia Fair daughter Catherine Zeta-Jones with her family
Patricia Fair daughter Catherine Zeta-Jones with her family  Source: Instagram 

Catherine Zeta's Husband Charged In Case Of Harassment

Catherine is married to Michael Douglas and has two children with him. Back in 2018, her husband, Michael Douglas, was charged with sexual assault. 

A woman filed a case against him, saying that he sexually satisfied himself while meeting together. 

That woman used to work for Michael's company, and he harassed her in that meeting. Catherine was embarrassed by that charge made on her husband. 

She had no idea how that woman came up blaming his husband after 18 years gap. That accusation destroyed Catherine and her children. 

On the other hand, his husband completely denied that, saying that he never had self pleasured himself in front of that woman who accused him.

Catherine Ditched School For Acting

Catherine always has been into acting since her childhood. She used to act in a school play before. 

Catherine kept her acting career first on her priority list rather than anything. She left school to pursue an acting career at the age of 15 years old. 

She had difficulties managing time for studies and acting. As she was too much into acting, she chose acting before her studies. 

After she left her school, her parents asked her to get an equity card. She also thought of joining back her school after she got what she wanted. 

But she never got a chance to rejoin it as she was busy with acting.

About Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine is a Welsh actress who was born on 25 September 1969. Her parents raised her with her younger and older brother in Swansea, Wales

She has appeared in many movies and shows. Her acting skills also made her win several awards. 

Some of her best films are Traffic, Chicago, Twelve, and The Terminal.

Zeta-Jones shows her full helping to different charities. As of now, she is married and has two children. 

Catherine with her father
Catherine with her father  Source: Instagram


Her exact age is not available. Her daughter's age is 51 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of her daughter Catherine is $150 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of an actress is estimated to be $218,000.

Patricia's Daughter Suffered From An Injury

Patricia's daughter Catherine is an actress who has shown her appearance in many movies. 

Back in 2020, her daughter Catherine harmed herself while decorating a tree for Christmas

She was really in a jolly mood as it was Christmas day. She was excited and designing a Christmas tree. 

But her excitement was changed in pain after a decoration piece fell on her foot

She shared about that incident through her social media account. Her accident made her spend Christmas day in bed. 

She ice massaged her foot, but she had got very bad pain because of that. 

Her fans sent her good messages for fast recovery, which made her very grateful about that. Her foot injury ruined her Christmas.

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