Patrick Alwyn- Cute Brother Of Joe Alwyn

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Patrick Alwyn- Cute Brother Of Joe Alwyn

Patrick Alwyn is the younger brother of actor Joe Alwyn.

He is British, born to mother Elizabeth Alwyn and father Richard Alwyn.

About Joe Alwyn 

He was born in born February 21, 1991, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Elizabeth Alwyn, his mother,  is a professional psychotherapist. His father, Richard Alwyn, is a professional moviemaker. 

He has two brothers, Joe Alwyn and Thomas Alwyn.

He went to the City of London School. From a young age, he wanted to be an actor.

He studied English literature and drama. He got the degree from the University of Bristol after his graduation.

He completed  BA in acting from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

In 2016 he was cast as the lead in a war drama, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. 

He appeared in a movie called The Sense of an Ending.

In 2018 he worked in The Favourite, an award-winning period drama, and received the Trophée Chopard at the Cannes Film Festival.

As for his future projects, he will star in the upcoming American-British drama film The Souvenir Part II.

Dating Taylor Swift 

The couple started dating in 2016. 

It is supposed that they first met at the MET GALA  and that Joe was wearing a dress relating to the lyrics of one of Taylor's songs, "dress" meanwhile, she attended the gala in the theme "Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology."

In October of the same year, they both were spotted in the same Kings of Leon concert, and in November, Taylor attended his movie screening Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

The couple has not spilled beans about their relationship and is spotted several times together. 

She also had released a single, "Gorgeous," which is about Alwyn, and has included him in her albums Lover, Folklore, Reputation, Evermore. 

He says he finds it flattering when she writes about him. 

In September 2019, they were spotted taking her private plane for the trip to her beach house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.  

Though the couple has not been spotted together a lot or on public dates, they keep dropping hints to their fans about their relationship, like when Joe posted a picture of swift's cat benjamin, photos of the same wine glass, and by posting photos of the same places separately.

Alwyn even had gotten close to her family when they spent Christmas 2019 in London and her best friend Ed Sheeran by celebrating Joe's 29th birthday together. 

They have been dating for four years now and are not engaged or married.

Patrick visits a fan with Taylor Swift 

Patrick Alwyn With Taylor Swift Visiting A Fan
Patrick Alwyn With Taylor Swift Visiting A Fan Source: Twitter

On October 11, 2017, Taylor and her boyfriend, Joe, and his brother visited her fan and surprised her. 

The fan had her posters and pictures all over her wall that said the singer has always been her role model. 

He had also defended her on social media many times when he called out other celebrities. 

When she had a controversy with Kim Kardashian, he defended her, calling Kim a rat, and humorously commented that her husband is more interested in Taylor than Kim.

Rumored to be dating Judd Apatow's youngest daughter 

Patrick Alwyn Rumored Girlfriend
Patrick Alwyn Rumored Girlfriend Source: Twitter

The famous director and comedian Judd's youngest daughter, Iris Apatow, was rumored to be dating him in 2019

It is predicted that they met in a Taylor Swift concert and started talking. They have not been seen together now.

The information about his dating life and girlfriends is under review.

About His Movies

Joe Alwyn gave an interview to Big Movie Mouth Off. In the interview, he talked about the role that he played in the movie "The Favourite." 

The discussion started with very casual talks between them. Then the interviewer asked Joe about the director.

Joe replied that working with them was very enjoyable. He had always been a big fan of a movie director who had directed The Favourite

All his movies are very different than others, and I loved watching his movies. His idea and script of movies are unique, and he put his craziness in stories, so he had fun working with the director.

He was co-starred by Emma, and the dancing scene of the forest was stunning. 

In the interview, he opened up that he and Emma had a scene where Emma had to Slap him, and he slapped her very hard.  

They were diving, playing rugby and had a lot of fun with each other and one of his mates got cuts while doing that.

He talked about other characters too. There in his movies, he had three women characters, and the interviewer wanted to know which was the most devious cast member on the set, and he also wanted about set. 

Joe said that set was beautiful, and they didn't have to use artificial lights. They had pretty costumes and wigs for their characters. 

He said he would take the mantic of a horse with him to take something the set. The whole interview was excellent, and they enjoyed it.

Joe got a fish as a Christmas gift

Joe Alwyn was invited into podcast Strahan, Sara, and Keke as a guest for an interview. 

Along with Joe, there was Guy Pearce too. On Christmas day, they had good talks about their holiday. 

As Joe and Guy co-starred each other in a movie named A Christmas Carol, they were asked about that. 

The guy played the role of Mr. Scrooge in that movie, and they talked about that movie. 

The interviewer asked Guy about the first thing he would change if he had any chance of going to the past. 

Guy replied that he wanted to change everything, but he probably used to join a University at the very first. 

For that same question, Joe replied that he wanted to go past because he didn't want to see what would come next, which was very funny. 

Guy then explained that his character Scrooge went back in the past and saw everything through a Birdseye, which was interesting. 

Joe said that the costume that they had to wear for the movies was a woolen sweater. 

There were shooting in London at that time, and it was tough for them to wear sweaters. 

There was fake snow, and they had to show it like a cold. For Joe, it was a complicated thing. 

Joe then explained the gift that he received at Christmas when he was young. 

While everyone was getting pups and kittens, he got a goldfish as a gift and named it the rainbow star

He went on a holiday with his family, and he gave his goldfish to his neighbor to look after it. 

But when he returned, he found that his rainbow had gone as the neighbor put that fish on a freezer so that he could show that fish to Joe after he returned. 

He grew up in London, and there, they had a holiday tradition to jump on a pond in the cold, which was weird to hear. 

Net worth and income sources 

His brother's net worth is $5 million, and his income source is acting. 

Net worth $5 million 
income sources acting

Age And Height 

  1. His age is under review.

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