Who Is Patrick Francis Lynch? Husband Of Jane Curtin

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Who Is Patrick Francis Lynch? Husband Of Jane Curtin

Patrick Francis Lynch is the husband of comedian and actress Jane Curtin. He is a television producer. 

They got married in 1975. The two met at a hockey game. They share a daughter, Tess Lynch. They have two grandchildren. 

Patrick Francis Lynch with his wife, Jane Curtin.
Patrick Francis Lynch with his wife, Jane Curtin. Source: Pinterest

About His Only Daughter

Patrick has a daughter, Tess, with his beloved wife. Tess is an actress and comedy writer. 

She was born on 16 January 1983. She is married to Peter and has three kids with him.

 Patrick Francis Lynch's wife and their daughter.
Patrick Francis Lynch's wife and their daughter. Source: Facebook


His wife Jane is 75 years old

Net Worth 

His wife Jane's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Jane Revealed The Worst Guest She Had On Saturday Night Live

Jane was a member of the Saturday Night Live in 1975. She was in the show throughout the 1979 and 1980 season. 

In an interview, when a fan asked her about the worst guest host during her time in SNL, Jane shared that she had a hard time with Walter Matthau

She said he told her to do things quickly without thinking when he came. It takes time and effort to make things perfect. 

She added he was disrespecting their space and his behavior made her angry. She added there were a couple more worst guest hosts. 

Jane Talked About Working With John Belushi

Jane shared that she and John were called to do an audition for Saturday Night Live. Both of them thought that it was a great deal.

John was also one of the cast members of the show Saturday Night Live. He died in 1982

She said his home was not too far away, so he tried to drive her down to the village when they were working on a show together. 

She said he was a sweet and kind person. She mentioned he was also an actor looking for an excellent job. 

She shared that both were married and were living and enjoying their life. 

They used to sit down and discuss how to do well in the industry. 

She said when he did the show, she saw a drastic change in him, and he was no longer a guy with whom she had connected before. 

She said she had no idea whether ego or ambition made him another person. 

She added he was going through a lot of drugs, and it was hard for her to work with him, and he didn’t respect her. 

She said John believed that women can’t be funny. 

Jane Talked About The Chaotic Live Show

The creator of SNL decided to bring the show's entire cast to do a two-hour exceptional live performance at Mardi Gars

She said when she heard about it for the first time, she was excited to do it because she thought they would be treated well and have protection. 

She said she was doing commentary with Buck Henry for the parade. 

She shared they had never rehearsed before, as no weekly parades existed. 

She shared people mistook Buck for Jack Lemon, and many people came to see Jack

She revealed people were calling Buck Mr. Lemon all the time. 

The other cast members were preparing their sketches in the middle of Mardi Gras and had no security or protection. 

People were calling out them aggressively and were storming. She said the situation was horrible. 

On the day of the show, she was sitting on the platform with Buck, and around fifteen thousand people were drunk, shouting at them and throwing bottles on stage. 

They thought that the parade would be there any minute. They discussed the parade on stage while dodging the bottles thrown at them. 

She said the parade never happened because of the accident at the parade route. 

After the show, people were trying to climb on stage to get to them. 

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