Who Is Tess Lynch? Daughter Of Jane Curtin 

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Who Is Tess Lynch? Daughter Of Jane Curtin 

Tess Lynch is the daughter of Jane Curtin, an American actress. Her father's name is Patrick Lynch, a producer.

She was born on January 16, 1983. She went to Brown University

She works in the entertainment industry as an actress and comedy writer. 

She is also known for working with Bright Wall Dark Room and hosting the Night Call Podcast

She writes essays for magazines, too. Tess appeared in the show Drunk History in 2019 and talked about Marjory Stoneman Douglas

She is close to her parents and often posts them on Instagram.

Parents of Tess Lynch.
Parents of Tess Lynch. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Tess is married to an actor named Peter Cellini

Tess Lynch with her husband.
Tess Lynch with her husband. Source: Instagram

They got married on February 6, 2012. Tess and Peter dated for about two years before getting married. 

They have been together since 2010. Tess and Peter have three kids.

Their youngest son's name is Emmett. Their other children's names are unknown. 

 Tess Lynch with her husband and their children.
Tess Lynch with her husband and their children. Source: Instagram


Tess was born on January 16, 1983, and her current age is 40

Net Worth

Her mom, Jane's net worth is about 10 Million Dollars. 

Tess Lynch with her mother, Jane Curtin.
Tess Lynch with her mother, Jane Curtin. Source: Facebook

Jane Said She Didn’t Laugh Rewatching Her Old Episode Of SNL

Jane was a part of the original Saturday Night Live(SNL) cast. 

She recently watched old episodes of the show with her family. She was surprised that some of the sketches didn’t make them laugh. 

She and her family watched a compilation of the show’s first five years. 

Jane was expecting to find the sketches funny, but she didn't laugh. She was disappointed because she remembered the show being much funnier. 

When SNL started in 1975, Jane and other famous comedians were part of the cast. The show became popular and is still running today. 

Jane mentioned that while some sketches didn’t age well and aren't funny anymore, moments still made her laugh. 

Some of the earlier hosts of the show, like Steve Martin, also did a great job. 

She explained that live and topical TV like SNL can become outdated over time, and some jokes might not be funny to people now. 

She realized that what was funny back then might not be funny to today's audience. 

Jane And Laraine Newman Asked About Their Ex-Co-Stars

Andy Cohen asked Jane and Laraine Newman if they keep in touch with their former Saturday Night Live( SNL) co-stars like Garrett Morris, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray

They explained that they don’t talk often but sometimes meet at events or parties. 

Jane had dinner with Bill Murray recently and occasionally sees Dan Aykroyd, who has a house on the East Coast. 

They talked about memories from SNL, like the Blues Brothers, and how talented the cast was. 

Someone asked Jane which of her shows, Third Rock from the Sun or Kate & Allie is better for binge-watching. 

She mentioned she rewatched Third Rock while exercising and enjoyed it. 

Laraine had a reunion with the Kate and Allie cast and felt nostalgic. 

They mentioned that old SNL episodes are available on Peacock, and they find it interesting to watch the show from a sociological perspective, seeing how things were back then. 

They asked Jane and Laraine if any of the celebrities they mentioned in their memoirs had contacted them. 

Laraine explained that she always talks to her friends before writing about them in her book because she cares about them a lot. 

She shared a funny story about Mick Jagger being in Jane’s dressing room while she was wearing a kimono and hair rollers and smoking a cigarette. 

Jane joked that maybe Mick Jagger was looking for a quick meeting but said he got the wrong person. 

They both said their friendships with the celebrities they wrote about have stayed strong. 

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