Presley Scott Harwell- Tragedy Of Steve Harwell Son

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Presley Scott Harwell is the late son of singer Steve Harwell, who co-founded the band Smash Mouth. 

He was born in 2001. He died of complications from acute lymphocytic leukemia six months after his birth. 

His mother is Michelle Laroque. He did not have any siblings. He was his parents' only child. 

Parents of Presley Scott Harwell.
Parents of Presley Scott Harwell. Source: Pinterest

Steve Passed Away At The Age Of 56

Steve died peacefully at 56 at his home in Boise, Idaho

His death was confirmed by the band's manager, Robert Hayes. The cause of his death was liver failure. 

It was reported that Steve was in hospital care for final-stage chronic liver failure on September 3.

His representative added he had a few more days to live, and a day after, he died at home. 

Presley Scott Harwell's father, Steve Harwell.
Presley Scott Harwell's father, Steve Harwell. Source: Pinterest

Was Steve Married?

Steve was married to Michelle Larogue

They were very private about their marriage, so there are no exact details about their relationship; however, they were spotted in the 2000s

They had a son together who died six months later because of some complications. 

They parted ways after some time. They didn’t disclose anything about their split. 

Steve had been dating a woman named Annette Jones since 2021

The two were all set to tie the knot soon, but unfortunately, Steve passed away. 

They were engaged, and it was said that he was cared for by her during his final moments. 


His father, Steve, was 56 years old at the time of his death.

Net Worth

His father, Steve, net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million

Steve Talked About His Band Smash Mouth

Steve founded the rock band Smash Mouth in 1994, and the band was together till 2021

He and Paul De Lisle were the only members stuck to the band until last. 

In 2014, Steve said that they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their band and were planning to do a reunion show. 

He shared he got Jason on the band, who used to play in the band previously. He said he was pleased with his band. 

He mentioned he had a guitarist who played precisely like his previous band guitarist, Greg Camp

He revealed the guy even looked like Greg, which shocked him. 

He said everyone in the band was earnest about their job and played and sang better than ever. 

Harwell Struggled With Alcoholism

Harwell was a hefty drinker. 

In 2013, he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and Wernicke encephalopathy years after he struggled with addiction. 

The disease can cause heart failure and affected his speech and memory. 

In 2017, he had to cancel his show as his health worsened. He was admitted to the hospital as a result of his cardiomyopathy

Harwell said that he had to retire from his music career as he was facing difficulty performing because of his health condition.

Steve Got A Restraining Order In 2019

Steve was in a relationship with Esther Campbell. They got engaged after dating for a year. 

After their proposal, Esther accused him of mental and verbal abuse. 

The court document stated that Steve began harassing her through text and calls, and his drinking habit worsened. 

In 2020, she filed new documents against him. 

She said that he was bipolar and not taking his medicine correctly, which made his mental health even worse. 

She added he stole her car keys and phone and was aggressive and mean to her. 

The court granted a temporary restraining order. 

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