Who Is Rachel Trudeau? Daughter Of Jane Pauley

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Who Is Rachel Trudeau? Daughter Of Jane Pauley

Rachel Trudeau is the daughter of American TV host and author Jane Pauley. Her father's name is Garry Trudeau

Rachel is a lawyer by her profession. 

She has a twin brother named Ross Trudeau. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Family of Rachel Trudeau.
Family of Rachel Trudeau. Source: Twitter

Is Rachel Married?

Rachel is married to her husband, Robert Gary Steinsdoefer

They tied the knot back in 2014, and a year after their marriage, they welcomed their first child son. 

In 2019 Rachel and her husband welcomed their second child, a daughter. 

Rachel Trudeau with her husband.
Rachel Trudeau with her husband. Source: Pinterest

About Rachel's Mom Jane

Jane is a TV host and author. She is well known for being the main anchor of CBS Sunday Morning

She was born in 1950 and has her birthday on October 31.

Her parents are Mary Pauley and Richard Pauley

Rachel Trudeau with her mother Jane Pauley.
Rachel Trudeau with her mother, Jane Pauley. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Jane

Jane is happily married to her husband, Garry Trudeau. They got married back in 1980 and are parents to three kids. 

They have a pair of twins, a daughter Rachel and a son Ross and their youngest son, Thomas. 

How Did Jane Meet Garry?

Jane and Garry met through their common friend Tom Brokaw

Tom worked with Jane as a co-host in the 1970s, and he was the one who set up Garry and Jane.

Tom invited Jane and Garry to his dinner party, where they met for the first time. After that they got introduced, and slowly started dating.

Age And Net Worth

Rachel was born on December 30, 1983, and her current age is 39. Her mother has a net worth of $40 Million. Her source of income is hosting and writing.

Was Jane Suggested To Hide Her Depression? 

Jane has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. 

She has hosted many shows, but in 2001, she took a break from her work and limelight because of her mental health. 

In 2001, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder; at that time, she was in her 50s

It was surprising for Jane and her doctor because she had no family history of that disorder, and most people have bipolar disorder in their 20s

Jane took a break for three weeks to work on her mental health. 

However, her doctor suggested keeping her bipolar disorder out from the public. 

He suggested Jane make a cover story saying she had have actual thyroid disorder. 

By the time her doctor suggested she had already started working on her memoir, where she had written about her mental health because she felt that sharing with others was the only way for her to deal with it.

Is Jane Thankful To Barbara?

Barbara Walters was one the most fantastic TV hosts of all time. 

Barbara became the host of Today's Show in 1961, and in 1976, she left the Today Show, which Jane Pauley then took. 

When Jane started working on Today Show, she was told that she sounded like Barbara. However, she never believed it because she was being compared to someone who was an expert. 

But one day, when Jane heard her tape playback, she realized that she sounded like Barbara because Jane thought it was Barbara's voice. 

Jane replaced Barbara on the Today Show, and along with that, Jane got a desk, chair, and phone from Barbara

Not only that, but she also got a chance for herself that wouldn't have been possible, if Barbara hadn't left. 

For that, Jane will always be thankful to the late legendary host Barbara Walters.

Jane Was Nervous Hosting The Sunday Show

Jane is currently well known for being the host of CBS Sunday Morning. She was recruited as host of the CBS Sunday show back in 2014

Jane talked about her first experience on her Sunday show in an interview. 

Although she had spent decades as a host, she was nervous at the beginning of the Sunday show because she was the first woman to host the Sunday show

The Sunday show was started in 1979, and there have been only three hosts over the years who have hosted the show. 

Jane was the first female to host the show, and as only men hosted the show, she bought a pantsuit for her first show. 

However, she did build up her guts to wear heels on the second interview with CBS.

Jane Doesn't Have Hobbies

Jane is a remarkable host and has been in the spotlight for years. While many people have their hobbies and interests, Jane is different. 

She revealed that she doesn't have any hobbies, and because of that, there had been times when she used to freak out when she had to give interviews. 

She gets scared of giving interviews because she is afraid of people asking about her hobbies. 

She even lied, saying that shopping and reading were her hobbies. 

Throughout the years, she even tried developing a hobby and playing golf at 45.

She thought she would play until she got 60 but gave up because she was terrible at it.

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