Who Is Rebecca Macfarlane? Sister Of Luke Macfarlane

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Rebecca Macfarlane is the older sister of Canadian-American actor Luke Macfarlane.

She grew up and lived in Ontario with her parents. Her father is Thomas Macfarlane, and her mom is Penny Macfarlane.

Her dad was a director of student health services at the University of Western Ontario, whereas her mother worked as a nurse at a local hospital. 

She has two siblings, Luke, and Ruth Macfarlane

Rebecca Macfarlane's mom.
Rebecca Macfarlane's mom. Source: Pinterest

Is Luke Dating Anyone?

Luke is not seeing anyone at the moment. He is single.

Age And Net Worth

Her brother Luke is 43 years old, and talking about her brother Luke's net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Rebecca Macfarlane's brother, Luke Macfarlane.
Rebecca Macfarlane's brother, Luke Macfarlane. Source: Instagram

Luke Searched For His Sister's Engagement Ring On The River

Luke has a twin sister named Ruth. Her sister lost her wedding ring in the river when they were hanging out in a river. 

Her sister was unfortunate as her engagement and wedding ring fell into the river, so being a brother, he looked around for her crew, but it was all in vain because they could find it. 

The next day he called two friends, and they went to find the ring. 

They dived into ice-cold glacier water and spent two hours in the river to find the ring, and it was a miracle as they saw the ring. 

When her sister knew they had found her wedding ring, she became emotional and delighted. 

Luke Talked About The Movie 'Bros'

Bros is a romantic comedy movie produced by Judd Apatow. It was the first gay romantic comedy movie with an entire LGBYQ cast. 

He said that he never thought he would get a chance to work as a lead in a major studio film as a gay actor. 

He said that people are accepting gay actors in the industry.

He said that when he read the script for the first time, he was sure that his character owned the movie, and it was an ample opportunity and a challenge to pull off that role. 

He remembered auditioning for the role. He said that when he went to give his audition Judd Apatow was there, and it was very nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. 

He admitted that he nailed his first audition. Then, in his second audition, his co-star Nick and Billy invited him to have lunch with them, and they got to know each other. 

Luke Shares His Bad Dating Experience

Luke said he has been on many dates, and most of the time, his dates wouldn’t get off their phone. 

He said they were all busy on their phone, sending texts to other people and being active on social media rather than giving time to him. 

He said they forget to live in the moment, and their life revolves around their phone. 

Luke Talked About Intimate Scenes In The Movie Bros

There are a lot of intimate scenes in the movie Bros

Luke shared that there was an intimacy coordinator to direct those scenes. 

The intimacy coordinator also belongs to the LGBTQ community, so they know the body language. 

He said that he figures out his scenes with his co-star Billy and has always been comfortable with him. 

Luke Has Never Auditioned For A Studio Film Before Bros

In an interview, Luke shared that he had never auditioned for the main lead in any studio movie. 

So, when he got to audition for the main lead, he grabbed it and gave his best shot. 

He said they were willing to cast an openly gay actor as their primary lead, and it was his chance to take it.

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