Who Is Ruth Macfarlane? Twin Sister Of Luke Macfarlane

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Who Is Ruth Macfarlane? Twin Sister Of Luke Macfarlane

Ruth MacFarlane is the twin sister of Canadian-American actor and former singer Luke Macfarlane

She was born to her parents, Penny and dad Thomas McFarlane.

She grew up with her twin brother and an older sister, Rebecca Macfarlane. Ruth has her birthday on Jan 19. She is a Canadian citizen by her nationality. 

Ruth MacFarlane's mom and brother.
Ruth MacFarlane's mom and brother. Source: Fanpop

About Ruth’s Brother Luke

Luke is a professional actor and a former singer. He is well known for his role in ABC Television drama Brothers and Sisters as Scotty Wendell

Besides that, he has appeared in many shows and movies. He was born in 1980, and his mother and father raised him with two siblings. 

Married Life Of Luke

Luke is not married yet, nor is he dating anyone. 

 Ruth MacFarlane's brother, Luke Macfarlane.
Ruth MacFarlane's brother, Luke Macfarlane. Source: Instagram

Luke's Previous Love Life 

Luke is gay by his sexuality, and he has dated many men. 

Luke's first public relationship was with Charlie David. They date back to the 2000s.

Their relationship was short-lived as they broke up. However, as they were close, they decided to be friends even after breaking up. 

After that, in 2005, he dated TR Knight for a year. Luke also had a one-year relationship with Wentworth Miller, but their relationship was very private. 

They dated in 2007, but Wentworth was not ready to come out to the world as gay then, so he kept his affair with Luke very secret.

He then dated Chad Silvenski in 2008 but later got separated. 

Age And Net Worth

Ruth is 43 years old. Her brother, Luke, has a net worth of $2 Million.

Ruth Lost Her Wedding Ring

In an interview, Ruth's brother Luke talked about Ruth losing her wedding and engagement ring. 

Ruth lives in Calgary, Alberta, so one day, she and her twin brother were enjoying their time near the river when she dropped her ring on the river. 

She told her twin brother Luke and was upset. Of course, it was freezing, but still, Luke tried to search but couldn't find it. 

So the next day, Luke called his two friends and looked for the ring inside the water. 

His sister lost hope of finding the ring, but Luke and his friends managed to find the ring after two hours of searching in the cold river. 

Ruth was happy and emotional when her brother handed her the wedding ring.

Luke Didn't Get Roles Because Of His Sexuality

Luke became famous after his appearance on the ABC TV show as Scotty Wendell.

He played in the series for a long time, and his character was also gay in the show. 

In 2008, Luke accepted his sexuality and came out to the public as gay. 

His struggles started after Brothers and Sisters ended in 2011 because he could not get any roles. 

He realized he was interested in superhero roles in Marvel Cinematic Universe and G.I Joe. Still, an agent told him that gay people couldn't be and play superheroes.

Those words of the agents were very harsh on him. As a result, he developed anger issues and felt stressed seeing other straight actors getting roles. 

He got avoided and had difficulty getting roles just because he was gay.

Luke Was Nervous About The Audition

Luke gave an interview to the Variety, where he shared his audition experience. 

He played the romantic gay character Aaron in the movie Bros. As a gay man playing and reflecting on himself on the surface was not an easy job for him. 

When he received the script, he immediately found it interesting and went for the audition. 

He wanted to be part of it and was confident as soon as he entered the audition room.

He got nervous. There was producer Judd Apatow and other executive producers, and he became pretty shy, but at the same time, he was also feeling excited.

Luke Is A Woodworker

In the interview with Drew Barrymore, Luke, and his costar, played games with Drew, discussing his bad dates and being naked with his male costar in the movie Bros

Drew asked if he had ever made something from scratch, and he replied yes. 

He then revealed about him being a woodworker. He has made many things with wood, which has always been his hobby.

He has been involved in acting for a long time, but he feels that playing movies and different roles lasts for a short time, and his woodwork hobby has made him do something or create something that could last for a long time.

Whenever he gets free time, he gets inside his garage, feels relieved seeing the saw and dust on the floor, and starts working on the woods. 

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