Who Is Renn Martin Yosef? Son of Ricky Martin

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Who Is Renn Martin Yosef? Son of Ricky Martin

Renn Martin Yosef is a celebrity child. He is the son of singer-songwriter, Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin Yosef with his father, Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin Yosef with his father, Ricky Martin Source: Instagram

Is He Dating Anyone?

Ricky is in a relationship with Syrian-Swedish painter Jwan Yosef

At first, Ricky fell in love with his artists' work and began collecting them. 

Then he met the painter himself, and in the same year, they started dating. 

He proposed to him in the following year. They tied the knot in 2018

Ricky Martin Yosef's parents Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef
Ricky Martin Yosef's parents Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef Source: Instagram

In the same year, they announced the birth of their daughter Lucia Martin Yosef

A year later, they were blessed with their second child. 

Ricky always dreamt of having a big family and stated that he planned to have even more children. 

Ricky Dated A Few Women Before Coming Out As A Gay

Ricky dated Argentinian tennis player Gabriela Sabatini back in 1992

He met her while he was attending a public event. 

They were spotted together looking very much in love with each other as everything in their relationship was going smooth. 

But their relationship ended after five months

After his breakup, he started dating beautiful singer and songwriter Alejandra Guzman

They were loved by fans and were considered a power couple in the Mexican music industry. 

But they also broke up after a few months, which left all of their fans disappointed and heartbroken. 

Ricky later revealed that it was Alejandra who broke up, and it was hard for him as he had fallen in love with her. 

In 1994, Ricky fell in love with Mexican model and presenter Rebecca de Alba

They seemed to be in a pretty serious relationship; however, it also ended. 

But he kept his affair a secret as he signed a contract with a record label and was forced to keep his private life far from the public eyes. 

They nearly dated for a decade. 

Ricky Martin got humiliated by an interviewer 

Ricky Martin is a guy by his sexuality and it took him really long time to accept his sexualty come out as who he is. In his memoir “No More Secrets” Ricky has talked about his husband, raising four children and and the violation that he had faced. He has said that he felt violated by an interviewer named Barbara Walters as she was asking him a lot of personal question. A short clip of Ricky’s and Barbara’s interview was shown where Barbara was asking Ricky if his rumors about his sexuality was true or not. It is clearly seen in the interview that Barbara was pressurizing Ricky to say out loud about his sexuality. On the other hand Ricky was not ready to come out to the world and accept him being gay. Ricky told that sexuality is a very personal matter and he thinks that no body can force any one to accepts their sexuality infornt of the world unless they themselves are ready.  He recalled the time when he was in the interviewer with Barbara and told that he was really being uncomfortable with her questions. He was scared because he himself was not ready to say the world that he is gay. But now he feels that why he hadn’t told that he was gay at that time. When it come about Talking and accepting about sexuality Ricky feels that one person should be given time and they shouldn’t be pressurize to accept themselves unless they are ready. During that interview Barbara made Ricky feels humiliated by asking too much question about his sexuality and consistently forced him to accept himself as gay. 


Renn was born on 29 October 2019, and he is three years old.

Net Worth

His father Ricky's net worth is estimated to be $130 million

He has managed to earn this massive net worth from his successful career as a Latin artist. 

He has also earned from acting field.

Ricky Martin performing on stage
Ricky Martin performing on stage Source: Instagram

Ricky Came Out As A Gay In 2010

Ricky recalled the interview with Barbara Walters in 2000, where she discussed his sexual orientation. 

At that time, he was afraid to come out openly as he was not comfortable. 

He felt trapped, and a bit violated in that situation as he did not want to come out. 

People said it would have been great if he had come out in that interview. 

But he was not ready at that time. He said that no one should ever be forced to come out. 

A decade later, in 2010, Ricky came out on his terms, posting a quote on Twitter that he was proud to say that he was a fortunate homosexual man and was blessed to be who he was. 

He said that at the moment, he was free.

Interesting Facts About Ricky

Ricky became the father of twins in 2008 via surrogacy. The identity of the surrogate mother has not been revealed due to privacy reasons. 

His parents got separated when he was just two years old. 

He did not talk to his father for decades, but the father and son reconciled after some time. 

He took acting and singing classes when he was 10. His mother introduced him to Latin music

He loved to perform from an early age. He grew up listening to all kinds of music genres. 

His birthday is on 24 December.

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