Who Is Richard Lewis Cox? Late Father Of Courteney Cox

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Who Is Richard Lewis Cox? Late Father Of Courteney Cox

Richard Lewis Cox is the late father of actress and filmmaker Courteney Cox. He was born in 1931, and he passed away in 2001

He was a businessman. He was married to Mary Cox and Courteney Bass. He had four children, Richard Cox Jr., Virginia Cox, Dottie Cox, and Courteney, from his marriage with Courteney

Richard Lewis Cox's late ex-wife, Courteney Bass.
Richard Lewis Cox's late ex-wife, Courteney Bass. Source: Instagram

Is Daughter Courtney Married?

Courtney was married to David Arquette. She met her ex-husband on the set of Scream film

She married him in 1999, and they had a daughter together. Their daughter's name is Coco Arquette. They ended their marriage in 2003

Richard Lewis Cox's daughter, Courteney Cox.
Richard Lewis Cox's daughter, Courteney Cox. Source: Instagram

Is Courtney Dating Anyone?

Cox is in a relationship with Johnny McDaid. They met each other back in 2013 at a party. 

She hosted a house party, and Johnny was there, and she had a crush on him. Her partner is a musician. 

They had a brief split in 2014 after they got engaged, but they got back together in 2016

They have been together ever since. They lived on different continents during COVID-19, but they managed to keep their relationship intact. 

Courteney Cox with her boyfriend.
Courteney Cox with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram


His daughter Courtney is 59 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Courtney's net worth is estimated to be $189 million

Richard Lewis Cox with her daughter, Courteney Cox.
Richard Lewis Cox with her daughter, Courteney Cox. Source: Instagram

Courtney Had Issues While Re-Watching Herself On Friends

Courtney played the role of Monica Geller in the American sitcom Friends

In an interview, she discussed some difficulties while revisiting some sitcom episodes. 

She shared they added an extra commercial and they sped up their sound. She said she sounded like Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell

She added she sounded like she had smoked a ton of cigarettes. 

She hated her voice when they sped it up, but she liked it when it was kept regular. 

Courtney Almost Gave Up Acting

In an interview, Courtney said that she almost left Hollywood to be a swimming pool salesperson. 

She shared she had no work for a long time, and she had money that would last only for two weeks, so her father told her to come back home. 

He told her that she was an excellent salesman and she would do better in the sales business. She admitted that she was good at it. 

The next day, she got the call from the audition.

Courtney On Receiving Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Cox received her star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame this year, and she said that she did not know that it was a huge deal until she got there. 

She said that when the reporter asked about how she was feeling, she realized that her daughter's kids were going to walk over her star, and it would be there forever. 

She also realized that she was going to die and had mixed emotions about it. 

She said her boyfriend came from London, and her two sisters also came to support her. 

Her co-stars from Friends, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, were also there for the ceremony. 

Cox Is A Clean Freak

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cox said she is a clean freak. 

Jimmy also said she had the cleanest and most organized kitchen he had ever seen. 

He revealed she likes keeping things organized and keeping everything neat and clean. 

She said she added cleanliness to her character Monika Geller, who was also a clean freak like her in the sitcom 'Friends' even though she was competitive. 

She mentioned she was cleaner than the character she played in the show. 

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