Ricky Mayers

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Ricky Mayers

Ricky Mayers is the brother of an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor A$AP Rocky.

He was born in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, United States.

He had two siblings, sister Erika B. Mayers and brother A$AP Rocky.

Ricky was killed in Harlem when A$AP was only thirteen.

His Family 

Ricky was born into a family which includes his parents and two siblings. He has one sister named Erika B. Mayers and one brother A$AP Rocky.

Ricky Mayers's brother Alex and sister Erika B
Ricky Mayers's brother Alex and sister Erika B  Source: YouTube 

His father, Adrian Mayers is from Barbados and went to jail in connection with selling drugs. Adrian died in 2012.

Adrian was married to Reene Black.

Ricky's Death

Ricky died when A$AP was only 13 years old. When A$AP was only 12, his father was caught selling drugs and was arrested.

After his father's arrest, Ricky was murdered by the rival drug dealer. This tragic incident left A$AP devasted and work hard on his music.

About Rapper Brother 

A$AP Rocky's real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers. He was born on October 3, 1988, in New York, United States.

A$AP with his father, Adrian Mayers
A$AP with his father, Adrian Mayers   Source: YouTube 

At the young age of nine, Rocky started rapping.

His older brother Ricky taught him to rap. But his brother got killed in Harlem when A$AP was thirteen.

His brother's death inspired him, and he started to take rapping more seriously than before.

A$AP with his brother Ricky Mayers
A$AP with his brother Ricky Mayers   Source: Pinterest

Back in 2007, A$AP joined the A$AP Mob Crew. He released his single Purple Swag back in July 2011

The single quickly became a street anthem in New York City.

He received attention from several record levels after releasing his song music video Purple Swag.

After getting a lot of attention from his first single, Rocky's second single, Peso, got leaked online back in August 2011.

But the single received airplay on the high-profile hot 97 New York radio station within weeks.

On July 20, 2012, he made his debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon but was arrested the night before because of his alleged involvement in a brawl. 

His performance was canceled. Then it was again rescheduled for August.

His debut studio album, Long. Live. A$AP was released on January 15, 2013, which got positive reviews from the critics mostly.

It was number one on the Billboard 200 and sold over 100 thousand copies in the United States in its first week.

After its release of two years, Long. Live. A$AP was certified gold by the RIAA

On August 31, 2013, he allegedly slapped a woman during the Budweiser Made in American Festival. Later he was charged with a class two misdemeanor.

But the case got dismissed after the witness failed to appear in court. The woman who he slapped later filed a Lawsuit in July 2014.

That she still suffered certain conditions as a fallout of the alleged assault against her. But Rocky didn't accept the assault against the women, and the lawsuit was settled in April 2015.

Back in December 2019, an alleged sex tape got leaked of A$AP. He said that he was always a sex addict. He was addicted to sex from his junior year. 

Brother in Love with Rihanna

Before he started dating Rihanna. He was romantically involved with rapper Iggy and model Chanel Iman.

And now A$AP is currently in a relationship with singer Rihanna.

A$AP with his present girlfriend, Rihanna
A$AP with his present girlfriend, Rihanna   Source: YouTube

He also indicates Rihanna as the love of his life. Rihanna also featured A$AP in her Fenty Skin Campaign.

Enjoyed questioners with Rihanna

Ricky's brother A$AP gave an interview to “GQ” where he had to answer 18 questions that were asked by Rihanna

The conversation started between them in a simple way, and Rihanna jumped into the first question and asked him about his most liked curse word, for which A$AP replied saying that a four-letter word and keeps on saying it in every situation. 

After that, he was asked about food which he would never eat in any situation, and the answer to that was Chitlins. Rihanna’s third question for him was his opinion about working with her. 

A$AP answered it, saying that it’s good to work with Rihanna, but it is hard to have fun while working with her. Then A$AP was asked about his self-care routine. 

A$AP takes a nice bath to give proper care to his skin for self-care. He started caring for his skin when he was 14, and the first thing that he purchased for his skin was a face wash. 

He also has a T-shirt he bought for $11, and he answered this when Rihanna asked him about his purchase under $20. Rihanna’s next question to him was about his skin type. 

For that, he sarcastically replied handsome, but then he replied that he has sensitive skin, and because of that, he pays extra attention to the product he uses. He tries to avoid products with huge chemicals because they cause him acne. 

Then he was asked about his first red carpet, he thought for a while and answered MTV, but later he corrected it, saying it was BET, not MTV. 

Rihanna asked him about his most liked dress that Rihanna had worn, and his most liked outfit of hers was the dress that she wore for British Award.

To know more about the interview, check the link

Net Worth 

Ricky's net worth and income sources are unknown, while her brother's net worth is mentioned below. 

 Ricky Mayers A$AP Rocky (Brother)

Net worth Unknown $10 million 
IncomeUnknown American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor

Age, Height and, Weight

  1. He passed away when A$AP was thirteen years old.
  2. He was the oldest among his siblings.

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