Riley Mandel

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Riley Mandel

Riley Mandel is the second daughter of famous Canadian comedian Howie Mandel. Riley's mother's name is Terry Mandel

She is a physical therapist and fitness instructor. 

She has a sister and a brother named Jackie and Alex. Riley is Canadian by her nationality. 

Riley is married to Cameron Ehrlich. The couple got married in July 2019 after dating for several years.

Riley Mandel with her husband Cameron Ehrlich
Riley Mandel with her husband Cameron Ehrlich Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Howie Mandel 

Howie is currently a married man. He is married to Terry Mandel. 

They both had known each other since childhood as they were childhood friends. They were just 12 years old when they met. 

They started dating when they were in high school.  After that, they got married on 16 March 1980

Howie always talks about how he feels about her. He says he is too lucky to have a wife like her. 

Howie has three children with her. They have two daughters and a son.

Parents of Riley Mandel 
Parents of Riley Mandel   Source: Instagram

They had been married for more than four decades and are now grandparents. 

But they have never thought about separating apart from each other. 

Howie, in one of his interviews, said that the reason behind his success is his wife Terry because Howie first rejected the show from which Howie got fame named Deal or No Deal, but his wife knew that he was going to do nicely in that show and told him to do the show. 

They both supported each other and have a great understanding that's why their relationship is successful. 

Riley on her graduation
Riley Mandel on her graduation  Source: Instagram

About Howie Mandel

Howie is a Canadian comedian who was born on 29 November 1955. 

He is also a director, producer, entrepreneur, show host, and author. His parents raised him in North York, Ontario, Canada. 

Before being a comedian, he worked as a carpet salesman. After that, he started as a stand-up comedian. 

Howie had also done a game show named Deal or No Deal. He is popularly known for being a judge of American's Got Talent.

Besides comedy, he has also appeared in many TV shows and series. Some of his movies are Gas, The Funny Far, and Gremlins.

He has a very successful career now. He is married to Terry Mandel and has three children with her. 

Riley Mandel with her husband
Riley Mandel with her husband  Source: Instagram

Howie Mandel Struggling With The Disorder

Howie has been struggling with the obsessive-compulsive disorder since his childhood. 

It is a disorder that triggers the person's mental health in which they cannot control emotions and behavior. 

Howie's OCD developed mysophobia in him. He has got fear of dirt and contamination. 

He doesn't even prefer shaking hands with anyone, so he wears gloves while shaking hands with anyone because of his disorder. 

He even shaved his head as he feels that a clean head with no hair makes him feel clean enough.  

As a comedian, it's very difficult for him to deal with that disorder. He is not even comfortable using others' washrooms. 

During season 5 of AGT, he pressed the cancel button and ran away just because a performing contestant was about to sneeze. 

He opened up that he is taking care of his disorder properly now. But during his childhood, he had a hard time because of it.

Learned To Forgive And Forget

Howie Mandel gave an interview on the talk show "TheEllenShow.

In that interview, he talked about his daughter's wedding, and Howie had some hilarious talks with Ellen

The discussion started with a complement to Howie by Ellen. She said Howie looks too fit, and for that, he replied that he started running and he runs a lot, and that's the reason behind his fitness. 

Howie opened up that he had learned new things that years and the new thing that he had learned were to forgive and forget, and at mean that he said that he dismissed Ellen jokingly. 

Ellen then asked him the reason for what he had ignored her for. Howie's reply was hilarious as he said that he had forgotten. 

That's why he forgave her. His new rule, forget and forgive, made him a new person. 

He was wearing an A-Team T-shirt in that interview, and when asked about that, he said that the A in the T-shirt stands for Alex, who is his son and has a mustache, so the T is made in the shape mustache. 

His son Alex is a Youtuber, and he makes vlogs. He also opened up that his son also brought 10,000 T-Shirts to sell, but he had no idea what and how to do. 

His son had placed all the boxes of T-shirts in his garage, and sadly, instead of a car, he had to put those boxes in his garage. 

He also showed a picture of him with those boxes in his garage, which was too funny. 

So he was there in that show with the shirts to sell some of that T-Shirt and help his son. 

He said that he would give soap along with the T-Shirts. He then talked about his first daughter's wedding, and he explained that it was full of emotion. 

He was in tears when he walked down her daughter in the aisle. The interview was perfect and funny. 

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Riley was born in 1992, and her current age is 30 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Howie is $60 Million. His source of income comes from being a comedian, director, producer, and author.

Howie earns $70,000 per episode.

Howie Mandel Asked For Help

During the pandemic of 2020, AGT's Judge Howie posted a video on TikTok, which was supposed to be a random content DIY video. 

As the video got posted, rather than taking it in a fun way, people misinterpreted that someone captured him and he needed rescue. 

He wrote the word "shoe stuff" in a shopping bag and pointed towards the video's letters S, O, and S.

SOS is the secret word for calling for help, so many famous TikTokers started posting videos predicting that Howie is in danger

#savehowiemandel got viral over TikTok, and within no time, everyone thought he was in danger. 

As soon as Howie learned about the misconception going on about his video, he immediately informed his fan that he was fine and nowhere near danger.

Howie Is Concerned About Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is one of America's Got Talent judges. 

In August of 2020, Simon got into a severe accident for which he went through six surgeries. 

He had to implant a metal rod in his back. As he got into an accident while riding an electric bike, Howie sent him a cute and safe tricycle. 

In the bucket attached to the cycle, Howie also sent a get well soon balloon. 

The idea of sending the tricycle was more fun, and savage than Howie sent for SimonSimon later recovered slowly with his injury. 

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