Who Is Robsol Pinkett, Jr.? Father Of Jada Pinkett

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Who Is Robsol Pinkett, Jr.? Father Of Jada Pinkett

Robsol Pinkett, Jr. is the father of Jada Pinkett Smith. He was married to Adrienne Benfield Norris but got separated after a few months. 

He used to be a manager at a construction company. He died in 2010. He was African-American by nationality.

Robsol Pinkett Jr's ex-wife Adrienne Benfield Norris and daughter Jada Pinkett Smith
Robsol Pinkett Jr's ex-wife Adrienne Benfield Norris and daughter Jada Pinkett Smith  Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jada 

Jada tied the knot with Will Smith in 1997.

Jada was three months pregnant with their first child at their wedding ceremony. 

Their wedding affair was very intimate. They welcomed their first child Jaden Smith in 1998. 

They are now parents to three kids. Jada is Will's biggest support. They have trust and love for one another. 

There was a rumor that the couple was thinking of divorce, but Jada later confronted everyone telling that she had a rock-solid relationship with Will and they would be together till their last breath. 

Their marriage had many ups and downs, but the couple came out stronger. 

They have been married for more than 24 years and are the most celebrated couple in Hollywood. 

Jada Smith with her husband Will Smith
Jada Smith with her husband Will Smith Source: Instagram

How Did Jada Meet Will?

Jada met Will on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 when she auditioned for her role. 

Although she did not get the role, she was just 19 years old when she first met him. 

Will was already married at that point, but he was not happy in his marriage. 

He realized that Jada was the one for him. They reconnected again and started dating.

Robsol Pinkett Jr's son-in-law Will Smith and grandchildren
Robsol Pinkett Jr's son-in-law Will Smith and grandchildren  Source: Instagram


His daughter Pinkett is 50 years old.

Net Worth

His daughter Jada's net worth is estimated to be $50 million. 

She has managed to earn this hefty from the number of films she has played, her music career and also as a writer.

Most of her net worth comes from being the wife of Hollywood star Will.

Jada Addressed Oscar Slap On The Premiere Of 'Red Table Talk.'

On the premiere of the fifth season of The Red Table show, Jada addressed Will slapping Chris at the Oscar award. 

She shared a message before the start of the episode. 

In that message, she wrote that after what happened at the Oscars, her family had been focusing on deep healing. 

She wrote that some of the discoveries around their healing would be shared at the table when the right time arrives. 

She won't be talking about that incident on the table until then. 

The premiere of the show was filmed before the infamous Oscar incident.

Open Relationship Rumors About Jada And Will

The couple received a lot of scrutiny over their marriage. 

In 2009, she bluntly addressed the rumor saying that she had heard all the things about their marriage that it was not real, they both were gay and so on. 

She dismissed the idea that they had anything to prove as people would think whatever they wanted. 

She further clarified on her Facebook page in 2013, saying they both can do whatever they want because they trust each other to do so. 

She quoted that does not mean they have an open relationship. They have a grown relationship. 

In recent years the pair have admitted that they have an unconventional approach to marriage.

Jada Talked About Their Scary Skydiving Trip

Jada went skydiving with Will along with her mother and her fourth husband. 

Her mother's husband had a heart contusion

As the parachute came out, the pressure from the parachute hit his heart. 

Jada landed, and she looked up at the sky. She thought that something was not right and when he landed he had passed out. 

She thought Will killed her mother's favorite husband. But they took him to the hospital, and everything was fine. 

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