Who Is Rocky Howe? Son Of Eddie Howe

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Who Is Rocky Howe? Son Of Eddie Howe

Rocky Howe is a celebrity kid. He is popular due to the fame of his father, Eddie Howe.

His father is an English professional football manager and former player

He is the head coach of Premier League Club Newcastle. Rocky was born to his father Eddie Howe and mother Vicki Howe in 2013.

He is the second son in his family and has two brothers. 

One of his elder brothers' names is Harry Howe, whereas another brother's name is unknown.

Family of Rocky Howe.
Family of Rocky Howe. Source: Pinterest

Parents Married Life

Eddie is married to Vicki Howe. She is perfect for him in every way. 

The couple began their relationship while Eddie was playing for Bournemouth.

They are not very fond of the spotlight and love to keep their personal lives as private as possible.

So there is no information regarding their first meeting or wedding date. 

However, on their big day, only some of their close friends and a few family members were present.

Parents of Rocky Howe.
Parents of Rocky Howe. Source: Pinterest


Rocky was born in 2013, and his current age is nine years old.

Net Worth

Eddie's estimated net worth is $5 million. His source of income is through his profession as a football coach.

Rocky Howe's father, Eddie Howe.
Rocky Howe's father, Eddie Howe. Source: Instagram

Eddie Talks About His Journey In Bournemouth 

Eddie said that he feels incredibly proud when he looks back at the journey of Bournemouth. He has brilliant memories from there.

He maintained the consistency at Bournemouth. He preferred attacking strategy in the match.

He revealed that he does not want to get back since he wants to give more time to the family, cherish and nurture them, see his kids growing, and wish to explore himself more.

According to him, the hardest job of the manager is to manage consistently, motivate all the players to play for the team, and maintain a balance between everything.

His work ethic and mentality cannot be changed because of his desire to win and succeed.

How Did Eddie Managed Newcastle?

Newcastle was in 19th position in the Premier League before Eddie joined as a head coach.

However, the game changed as they were promoted to 11th position after Eddie's game plan.

The team learned to defend well with a rigid back 5. Eddie followed formation when he was at Bournemouth.

Newcastle improved with its strategy of Eddie. Passes Per Defensive Action technique was used to enhance them.

The players position themselves so the opposing team cannot score the goal.

They follow a curve run. Eddie, along with the players, worked hard to uplift the team.

Eddie Talks About The Improvement Shown By Newcastle

When Eddie joined Newcastle, things were very different.

He worked hard to shape the players. The things neglected in the past were looked at and more focus was given to improving the player's skills.

The team players lacked self-trust, so they even worked on psychological aspects.

Eddie Gives A Reply In A Polite Way

Eddie was asked about a Saudi ownership issue. He respected that question and also considered it a serious and important question to be asked. 

Still, he gently refused to answer it because he did not acquire much knowledge about this situation.

His response was fair since he said he was not eligible enough to answer this question.

For him, football is the only special subject. It's his passion and world, and he spends most of his time on it.

Eddie Suffers From An Injury

Eddie is one of the most favored football coaches.

He was first a central defender. He was then a manager in Bournemouth but left it for Portsmouth and then to Premier League.

However, Eddie suffered a serious injury that almost changed his career and even his life story. 

He suffered from a serious knee injury. It strongly affected his career.

He grasped the knowledge from Redknapp, his respected assistant Jim Smith, Kevin Bond, and Sean O'Driscoll, by preparing for a career in coaching.

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