Who Is Vicki Howe? Wife Of Eddie Howe

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Who Is Vicki Howe? Wife Of Eddie Howe

Vicki Howe is the wife of English professional football manager and former player Eddie Howe. 

She was born in 1977. Vicki has three children with her husband. 

She is an English citizen

Vicki Howe's husband, Eddie Howe.
Vicki Howe's husband, Eddie Howe. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children 

Eddie is currently married to his wife, Vicky. 

The couple started dating when Eddie was playing in Bournemouth

As of now, the couple is the parents of three kids. They have three sons together and their names are Rocky Howe and Harry Howe

Vicki Howe with her husband, Eddie Howe and son.
Vicki Howe with her husband, Eddie Howe and son. Source: Pinterest


Vicki is currently 45 years old.  

Net Worth 

The net worth of Eddie is $5 Million. His source of income is a football manager. 

Adapting Many Things As A Coach 

Eddie is well known as the manager and coach of Newcastle United FC. 

Before starting his journey as a coach, he played as a player in many teams. 

In one of the interviews, Eddie opened up about the changes he had gone through during his journey from footballer to being a coach.

He said that he adapted things according to the time. 

He played football many years back, and the football he had watched and played is more different from the football being played. 

The more he grew older and the more experience he gained as a coach, the more he changed his way of thinking. 

Now, as a senior coach, Eddie wants more people to come and watch his team play. 

When he used to play the games as a player, he always thought of winning and succeeding individually, but now his ideas have changed drastically as a coach.

Eddie Doesn't Care About Players' Opinions 

Eddie is a great coach, and he is a very hard-working person. He opened up that he only thinks about the game. 

He has that kind of obsession with the game and has no problem with it. 

Being a coach, he must have that obsession with the game, and he can't escape it unless he quits his work as a manager. 

Eddie also said that he doesn’t care what his team players think about him and that he is also okay if players don't like him. 

The only thing that he expects from players is respect. 

Eddie is working hard as a coach and doing everything possible to improve himself, so he wants the players to respect his hard work. 

He has a family with children, but he mostly gives his team time, so all he seeks from his players is to respect his work.

Backing Off From Debate  

In one of the interviews, when Eddie was asked about the Saudi owner's geo-political issue, he respectfully said he was not ready enough to answer that question. 

He said that it's a serious issue, and he is fine with the questions that have been asked, but he doesn't think he has that qualified answers for it. 

Ongoing that debate, Eddie said that football is his passion, and he will be with Newcastle at any cost. 

Football is what he has been doing in his life, and he will continue it. 

He has given everything he can to the team, and his full focus is to make the team the best so that it can represent the country well and people can be proud watching his team play.

Took Break For Family 

Eddie is a former football player and current manager at New castle United FC. Besides that, he is also a good family man. 

Eddie had retired from football, he took a year break from his career to spend time with his loved one. 

Eddie has been married for a long time and has three sons with his wife. 

His wife Vicki has supported Eddie throughout his career and is always seen by Eddie's side

Because of his wife's support, Eddie has now managed to have a successful career. 

Back then, after his retirement, he took a break so that he could spend quality time with Vicki. Eddie is a good father and a good husband. 

Eddie and his wife are extremely private about their love life, but Vicki has never missed any chance to support her husband in any situation.

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