Who is Rory Edwards? Ex-Husband Of Julia Ormond

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Who is Rory Edwards? Ex-Husband Of Julia Ormond

Rory Edwards is an ex-husband of British actress Julia Ormond. He was born in 1956

They got married in 1988. Rory is also an actor, and they met each other while performing in a production of Wuthering Heights

They got separated in 1994. They do not have kids together. 

Rory Edwards's ex-wife, Julia Ormond.
Rory Edwards's ex-wife, Julia Ormond. Source: Facebook

Did Julia Marry Again?

Julia married Jon Rubin for the second time. Her ex-spouse was a political activist. They got married in 1999, but their marriage ended in 2008.  

They have a daughter from their marriage named Sophie Rubin

Why Did Julia Sue Harvey Weinstein?

Julia sued former film producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual battery. 

According to the complaint obtained by CNN, it was reported that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey in 1995

Ormond claimed that in 1995, they were supposed to meet each other for a business dinner to discuss some project. 

But Harvey refused to talk about business while having dinner and told her he would talk about it at the apartment which Miramax gave to Ormond

Once they arrived at the apartment to discuss the project, Harvey removed his clothes and forced Julia to perform oral sex on him. 

Harvey has denied all the allegations made by Julia against him, and he is confident that Julia does not have evidence to prove her allegations. 

She even sued Disney, CAA, and Miramax for negligence. 

She alleged that Miramax or Disney could have supervised Harvey properly and should have detained him, knowing that he was a danger to the women. 


His ex-wife Julia is 58 years old

Net Worth

His ex-wife Julia's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Julia Talked About Why She Signed Up For The Show Witches Of East End

Julia played the role of Joanna in a television series called Witches of East End, which ran for only two seasons. 

The show was witty and funny, being in the supernatural genre. She said the humorous aspect of the show captivated her. 

She shared that it was meaningful to her when they shot the show's pilot, and they had someone who knew the show's depth. 

She added they had fun and humor on the show but had to take it seriously.

Ormond Talked About Working On Mad Men

Ormond was part of a period drama series called Mad Men, which lasted seven seasons. 

In an interview, Julia shared her experience of working with the show's cast for some episodes she was on. 

She said the experience was like going on the adult version of Disney Land. She said it felt unreal. 

She added she was very committed to the show. She admitted it was one of her favorite shows she had ever done. 

She had a great time playing a character and added it was one of the most fun roles she had ever played on any show. 

She said that her role was beautifully written and she did some fun stuff on the show. She added she got a chance to work with Rodger

Julia Talked About Her Quick Fame News Back In the 90s

Julia was targeted by many publicists and news media about how she rose to fame within a short period in the industry. 

People talked about her fame rather than her work at that time. 

She said it was weird for her to start her journey like that. She shared she did her first interview with The New York Times and was not ready for that. 

She added things happened, and people were looking for controversy. She added there was some agenda-driven against her. 

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