Who Is Sophie Rubin? Daughter Of Julia Ormond

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Sophie Rubin is the daughter of Julia Ormond, an English actress. Her father is Jon Rubin is a political activist.

Her parents were separated in 2008.

Parents of Sophie Rubin.
Parents of Sophie Rubin. Source: Pinterest

Sophie’s Mother's Relationship

Julia has been married twice in her life. Her first marriage was with Rory Edwards, who is an actor. 

They met in a play while they both were participating. Their marriage ended in 1994

Then, she got married to Jon Rubin. Their marriage didn’t go well, so they got divorced in 2008

She has a daughter named Sophie with her ex-husband Jon Rubin

Sophie Rubin with her parents.
Sophie Rubin with her parents. Source: Pinterest


Sophie was born in 2004. She celebrated her 19th birthday in 2023.

Net Worth

Julia's net worth is about $5 million.

Julia Filed A Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein

Julia recently filed a lawsuit alleging that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her and that this devastatingly impacted her career. 

She also accused companies like Miramax, Disney, and Creative Artists Agency of enabling Weinstein's actions. 

In the 1990s, Julia's career was on the rise, but she was labeled difficult in the industry due to creative differences. 

Despite this, Harvey praised her and trusted her opinion on scripts. 

There were challenges for women in Hollywood during that time, and Julia wanted to change that by signing a deal with Miramax to develop her projects. 

She believed women should take on more diverse roles in films. 

Julia had spoken before about facing backlash in Hollywood but had not discussed her allegations against Harvey publicly until now. 

Julia Started an Organization To Help Human Trafficking

Julia had a moment when she realized that she needed to do something about the problem of sex trafficking. 

At first, she didn’t see how she could help, but a colleague encouraged her to learn more. 

She went to Ghana and saw how children were suffering because of trafficking. 

This made her understand the issue better. She realized that her comfortable life was connected to the suffering of others. 

She met a trafficker, which made her even more determined to help victims of trafficking. 

So, she started an ACET organization to fight against trafficking and slavery. 

One crucial thing ACET does is make companies disclose their supply chain practices to prevent slavery and trafficking. 

This has become law in California and the UK and applies to many companies. 

Julia believes this transparency is crucial to finding solutions.

She also thinks it is essential for companies to take responsibility for their supply chains, even if it is hard. 

She believes that more and more companies should join to solve these problems, and consumers can support those who do the right thing. 

The Rise Of Julia 

Julia comes from Epsom, Surrey. She has four siblings. 

She attended private schools like Guildford High School and Cranleigh School, where she started getting noticed for acting in plays like Guys and Dolls and My Fair Lady.   

After spending a year in art school, she decided to study acting at the famous Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and graduated in 1988

Her acting career began on British TV in 1989 in a show called Traffic, where she played the daughter of a government minister fighting the drug trade. 

She appeared in TV movies like Young Catherine and Stalin and made her film debut in The Baby of Macon in 1993, followed by Legends of the Fall in 1994

Julia Ormond also started her own production company called Indican Productions in New York City

She has been involved in producing documentaries, including one called Calling the Ghost, which won awards and was shown at international film festivals. 

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