Who Is Rose Barwuah? Mother Of Mario Balotelli

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Who Is Rose Barwuah? Mother Of Mario Balotelli

Rose Barwuah is the mother of Italian professional footballer Mario Balotelli

She is married to Thomas Barwuah. She has four children named Abigail, Angel, Enock and Mario

She is a grand mother to four grand children. She is an Italian citizen by her nationality.

Rose Barwuah with her husband Thomas Barwuah and sons
Rose Barwuah with her husband Thomas Barwuah and sons  Source: Instagram 

Son Mario Relationship Status

Mario is not married yet. However, he has been in a relationship with many women and is father to two children. 

He was previously in a relationship with Raffaella Fico. In 2012, she was pregnant with their first child. 

Their daughter was born in December of 2012, and she was named Pia

They ended their relationship after some time. 

After that, he was in a relationship with Fanny Neguesha for a year. 

His second son was born in 2017, but he hasn't revealed his second child's name yet. 

Rose Barwuah with her husband Thomas Barwuah and children
Rose Barwuah with her husband Thomas Barwuah and children  Source: Instagram

Mario's Current Relationship 

As of 2022, Mario is single. He has now become very silent about his love life. 

Currently, he hasn't shared any details about his personal life. 

Rose Barwuah son Mario Balotelli
Rose Barwuah son Mario Balotelli Source: Instagram 

About Son Mario 

Mario is an Italian professional footballer born on 12 August 1990

His full name is Mario Balotelli Barwuah. He grew up in foster care. 

He started his career in football at an early age. At the start of his career, he joined the team Lumezzane in 2001

He played for many clubs like Inter Milan, Manchester City, Liverpool, and many more. 

He currently plays for the club Adana Demirpor

Rose Barwuah two sons Mario Balotelli and Enock Barwuah
Rose Barwuah two sons Mario Balotelli and Enock Barwuah  Source: Instagram


Mario age is 31 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Mario is $80 Million. He earns as being a football player. 

His average salary is $7 Million. 

Balotelli Got Fired From His Club

Rose's son Mario is undoubtedly a brilliant football player. 

But he has an anger issue. He is also a stubborn person. His same attitude got him fired from series A club Brescia Calcio

He refused to train in the club's training session and didn't even appear in the training ground for ten days. 

It was something that the manager could not neglect. 

Hence, the manager sent him a warning letter if he didn't join the practice session. 

He didn't show himself on the ground; thus, he was fired. 

The club signed him up for 2019-2020, but he was fired because of his lack of interest and dishonest behavior.

Balotelli Was Born With A Complications

Mario is a successful football player and has earned himself name and fame. 

But it was not always the same for him. As a child, he was born to a low-income family. 

In addition, he suffered from a severe disease in his intestine. 

He could have even died due to the disease. Hence his parents sent him to foster care. 

There he was cared for by an Italian couple. They treated him and gave him medical treatment. 

He even went through intestinal surgery. As a child, it was tough for him, but he tackled it bravely.

Mario Denied Playing For Ghana

Mario was born in Ghana. His biological parents were citizens of Ghana, and that made him part of Ghana. 

Being one of the best football player globally, Ghana wanted him to play for their national team. 

But Mario refused their offer. 

An Italian couple raised him, and he has been in Italy for a long time after his birth parents left him in foster care. 

Being raised by Italian and growing up in Italy, he considers himself an Italian citizen. 

And hence he decided to play for Italy and represent the team on an international platform.

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