Thomas Barwuah

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Thomas Barwuah

Thomas Barwuah is the biological father of famous soccer player Mario Balotelli. The date of birth of Thomas is unknown. 

However, his birthplace was Ghana. 

Mario is a football superstar but has been in the media because of his controversies more than his game. 

Thomas Barwuah son Mario Balotelli
Thomas Barwuah son Mario Balotelli  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Rose Barwuah is the wife of Thomas

Together they have four lovely children. Among them, Mario is their eldest child who is a professional football player

He was born on August 12, 1990, in Palermo, Italy. He is 31 years old. Enock Barwuah is another child of Thomas and Rose

Enock was born on February 20, 1993. He is 28 years old

Daughter and Grandchildren

Abigail Barwuah is the elder daughter of Thomas. She is well known as the wife of Obafemi Martins

Angel Barwuah is the little daughter of Thomas. She is 19 years old.

Thomas and Rose were also blessed with Pia Balotelli, Balotelli, Tyler Martins, Kendrick martin, and Kelvin Martin as their grandchildren.


The age of Thomas is unknown. His height and weight are also unknown. 

He belongs to the Italian nationality. He follows Christianity.

Net Worth And Source Of Earning

Thomas profession is rumored to be a metalworker. 

The net worth of Thomas’s son is available. 

Mario is one of the highest-paid football player. He has a net worth is $ 80 million. He has an average salary of $7 million.

It was rumored that Mario earned 16million euros when he joined Liverpool.

He has a $3million mansion in the United Kingdom

Did Thomas And Rose Give Mario Up For Adoption?

It was never an official adoption. It was a foster placement. Thomas’s family shifted to Palermo after Mario’s birth in Ghana.

Mario had bad health since his childhood. He was taken to the hospital most of the time for a checkup. 

He had a problem in his intestines which led him almost near to his death. 

When he was two years old, his parents baptized him in the hospital as they were worried he could die. 

Mario’s health condition improved by 1992 then all his family members again shifted to Brescia

They lived in narrow studios where they asked people to help them. 

One of the social services suggested Thomas and Rose to foster Mario to a good family. 

Francesco and Silvio Balotelli proposed for fostering Mario. It was a one-year foster placement that went well at the beginning. 

Thomas used to meet him every week, but Balotelli’s family started creating distance with Mario’s family and finally denied returning Mario to his family with passing the time. 

They kept on extending the date of foster and never replaced him. At the age of 18, Mario officially has taken the surname of his foster parents. 

And choose to be an Italian citizen.

And yes! he wasn’t adopted. The Balotelli family fostered him.

Mario Balotelli with his parents
Mario Balotelli with his parents' Source: Famous. Fix

Two Different Sides Of Mario Balotelli

Mario’s presence in the history of football is admirable. He is known as a player with powerful shots. 

His technical ability to play games is unexplainable. He has won the “Golden Boy Award” and the “Team of the Year” award. Overall, he is a charismatic player. 

But at the same time, he is known as an aggressive player. When he played with Manchester City, he received four red cards and was suspended several times. 

Most of the people criticized him as an immature and ill-disciplined player. 

One of the team managers describes Mario as an unmanageable player. He is also known as a problematic person/player. 

Funniest Controversies Of Mario

Famous soccer player Mario was criticized for his fashion sense. 

One of his funniest controversies was during his time at Manchester City

He was seen wearing a weird fingerstyle hat that exactly looked like a chicken’s head. His hat gains a lot of public attention. 

Another controversy of Mario was a firework in his bathroom. Balotelli brunt Cheshire mansion

City people called fire widgets and police for protection. It was $400,000 damaged that night. 

Though it was Mario’s madness that he set barrage cannons of fireworks at his bathroom, the police officer did not punish him for that. They thought it was an accident.

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