Roxanne Dejesus

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Roxanne Dejesus

Roxanne Dejesus is the mother of Briana Dejesus, an American actress, TV personality and social media influencer

Roxanne has two daughters Brittany and Briana

Her two daughters are from her two different partners. Roxanne's nationality is American.

Roxanne Dejesus children
Roxanne Dejesus children    Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Briana Dejesus

Briana was in a relationship with Devoin Austin, a rapper.

They both stayed in and maintained their relationship for a long time. 

Briana also gave birth to her first child with Austin. Her first girl child with Austin is named Nova Star Dejesus

After the birth of their first child, the couple decided to break up with each other. Briana then dated Luis Hernandez.

They also had a daughter together named Stella Star Dejesus. They broke up after dating each other for a short period.

Briana also dated Javi Marroquin in 2017. They both ended their relationship in the same year. 

Marroquin proposed to Briana, but she denied it. She said that she was not ready for that and rejected him. Currently, Briana is in a relationship with Javi Gonzalez

They both are happily engaged with each other. After dating each other for months, Briana's boyfriend Javi proposed to her. 

She immediately accepted the proposal and later got engaged.

Roxanne Dejesus with her two daughters
Roxanne Dejesus with her two daughters  Source: Instagram

About Briana Dejesus

Briana is an American actress, model, TV personality and social media influencer born on May 21, 1994

She is the daughter of Roxanne, raised with her sister Brittany. She developed an interest in acting at a very young age. 

She joined the film industry just after completing her graduation. 

She is well known for her appearance in the famous series Teen Mom 3.

She has appeared in many TV shows. She is mostly active in social media as she is a social media influencer. 

She has got many followers. She is currently engaged to Javi Gonzalez. She has two daughters with her two different exes. 

Family of Roxanne Dejesus
Family of Roxanne Dejesus  Source: Instagram

Briana Got Harmed By Lightning

In 2021, Briana informed her fans about her injury through a tweet. 

She said she was hit by lightning when she was outside her house. 

It was a very strange incident as lightning directly killed people. 

Many fans of her questioned her about the incident that it was beyond possible. 

But Briana's aunt saw it, and it happened in an instinct. She was hurt so bad, and her arm was injured. 

Immediately after she was hurt, she ran to her house crying. 

Thankfully both her little daughters were safe. She then received medical treatment.


Roxanne's daughter Briana is 27 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Briana is $750,000. Her source of income is actress, TV personality and social media influencer

Briana was paid $20,000 for role play in Teen Mom 2.

Roxanne Was Accused Of Racism

Roxanne and her daughter were doing the show Teen Mom 2.

In that show, Roxanne and her daughter Briana came to talk about Devoin Austin, Briana's ex-boyfriend and how he exposed Briana's phone number publicly. 

They were having a conversation about Austin when Roxanne pointed toward Austin and said something which was beeped during the telecast. 

People started assuming that beep part to be a racial comment towards Austin and started booing Roxanne and her daughter. 

Not only this, but her fans also started asking for Roxanne and her daughter out of the show. 

Later Roxanne confessed that she didn't use any racial statement and she is not racist , and she couldn't talk anything wrong about Austin. 

On her support, Briana also spoke out about how supportive Roxanne is towards Austin and how her mother Roxanne always wishes for Austin's success. 

Briana Caught Sexual Disease

In 2020 while Briana was drunk and had sex with her ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez, which she regretted later. 

They were drunk then and had sex without any protection. 

Briana didn't know if it was safe or not, so she decided to go for a checkup. 

After her urine and blood test, she decided to go for an STD test, where she found herself positive. 

She regretted her unplanned sex and was mentally disturbed. 

She filmed herself going through all the procedures so that people could learn from her mistake and not repeat these kinds of mistakes in their life.

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