Sabrina Jackson

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Sabrina Jackson

Sabrina Jackson is the mother of a famous American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, 50 Cent. 50 Cent is also known as Curtis James Jackson III.

Sabrina Was Murdered Brutally

Sabrina was a drug dealer. Her son was only eight years old when she left the world. The cause of her death was known to her son. 

According to 50 Cent, someone had put something in her drink and turned on the gas. She died in that fire. 

After the death of Sabrina and her husband, 50 Cent was brought up by his grandmother. At the age of 12, he started selling drugs. 

Life After Sabrina’s Death

Life was not easy for 50 after his mother’s death. He used to take guns and drug money to school. 

His grandmother was unknown about it. When he was in grade 10, he was caught in the school by metal detectors. 

He felt embarrassed after being caught in such away. Since then, he has stopped lying to his grandmother. He openly said that he sells drugs. 

Is 50 Cent Married?

No, he is not yet married. However, he has children from his past relationships. 

His first child, Marquise Jackson, is from his relationship with his girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins

His second son, Sire Jackson, was born to his partner Daphne Joy. The pair was together for almost a year. 

He also had a step-daughter named Mia Jackson.

Although they are not together anymore, they are taking care of their child by co-parenting. 

Sabrina Jackson’s grandson, Sire Jackson, with his mother, Daphne Joy
Sabrina Jackson’s grandson, Sire Jackson, with his mother, Daphne Joy Source: capitalxtra

50 Cent does not have any wedding plans for now. 

Relationship With Son Marquise 

In the early days, father and son shared a good bond. The relationship started getting bitter in 2008 when Marquise’s parents got into legal battles. 

Sabrina Jackson’s son, 50 Cent, with her grandson, Marquise Jackson.
Sabrina Jackson’s son, 50 Cent, with her grandson, Marquise Jackson. (Source:

According to 50, Shaniqua was the one who was turning his son against him. 

In 2015, Shaniqua mentioned how 50 was threatening and mentally abusing their child. He also used to talk about her in a demeaning manner. 

In 2019, 50  disowned his son on Instagram as he wrote to a fan that he was not his kid. A year later, he said that he would choose Tekashi 6ix9ine over his son. 

50 Cent has a luxury life 

In the interview on Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, 50 Cent opened up about his luxurious life and his car going missing. 

Cent is a well-known rapper and a successful businessman. The interviewer congratulated Cent on his success on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

He is also a Grammy Award Winner, so the interviewer wanted to know if he is willing to achieve any other award. 

He said he wants to win Oscar and many other awards and keep those in a nice place. 

After that, Stephen wanted to know if Cent had a luxury life or not. Cent was wearing a nice suit, and he was wearing a very expensive attractive watch. 

Cent said that he never takes his watch off and after that interviewer showed a picture of Cent wearing a watch in a bubble bath. 

Cent replied that the watch he was wearing during bubble bath was a different watch. 

As he looked very angry in the photo, the interviewer asked him why he seemed angry in that photo. He said that he had to set a timer, and that photo was clicked while he was setting the timer. 

Talking about Cent’s other luxury belongings, he has a Lamborghini. The interviewer again showed a picture of Cent wearing a matching outfit with his car. 

Cent said that he has many outfits and shoes that match his other cars. 

He said he didn’t want to match it with others, so he worked on his Lamborghini and made it look different from other Lamborghinis. 

He also opened up about his Lamborghini getting stolen by Snoop Dogg

He and Snoop were performing on Barclays, where Snoop got out after his performance was over, but Cent was there performing, and after he came out after finishing his performance, he saw his car missing. 

He later found that Snoop had taken his car.

Net Worth

50 has an estimated net worth of $30 million, which he has accumulated through his career as a rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. 

He has earned around $260 million until now. However, due to his habit of spending lavishly, he had to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015.

How did he make money?

In 2002, he signed a record deal worth $1 million and released No Mercy, No Fear

His debut album, Get Rich Or Die Trying, sold 12 million copies in 2003, becoming the bestselling album of the year. 

His next album, The Massacre, was a massive hit as it sold 1.14 million copies in its first four days. 

Below is his earnings from 2015 to 2019. 

12015$4 million
22016$6 million
32017$5 million
42018$4 million
52019$4 million

Besides being a rapper, he is also an entrepreneur. He is the founder of label G-Unit Records and G-Unit clothing company. He has starred in movies as well. 

Where Does 50 Spend His Earnings?

He spends most of his income in real estate. In 2003 he bought a property in Connecticut for $4.1 million

He additionally spent $6 million for upgrading. He added a private movie theater, pool, and a helicopter pad. 

He had to spend $72000 per month for maintenance of the house. 


  1. In 2000, 50 was shot nine times by Mike Tyson’s bodyguard Darryl Baum.
  2. There are rumors of him having a secret child named Davian.

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