Who Is Samuel Jason Black ? Son Of Jack Black

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Who Is Samuel Jason Black ? Son Of Jack Black

Samuel Jason Black is the son of American actor, comedian, musician and songwriter Jack Black

His mother's name is Tanya Haden, a singer and musician. He has a brother named Thomas David Black. Samuel has his birthday on June 10. 

He is an American citizen

Family Of Samuel Jason Black
Family Of Samuel Jason Black Source: Your Next Shoes

Parent's Married Life

Jack is currently married to Tanya Haden.

Jack has known Tanya since his childhood as they both were in the same school. 

After ending their school, they both went separate ways, but 15 years later, they met again at a friend's birthday party. 

In 2006, the couple got engaged to each other, and in the same year, they tied the knot. 

Jack and Tanya are both parents of two children named Samuel and Thomas David.

Samuel Jason Black's parents Tanya Haden and Jack Black
Samuel Jason Black's parents Tanya Haden and Jack Black Source: TechStry


Samuel was born in 2006, and his current age is 15 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jack is $5 Million. He earns as being a comedian, actor, musician and songwriter.

Learned From His First Movie

In an interview, Jack talked about his movies. 

The first-ever movie he played was Bob Roberts, and he said that the film and his role in that movie took him nowhere. 

People don't know that he was there in that movie. 

He said that it was the first movie he had done in life, and he was very nervous. 

He worked with Tim Roberts at that time, and he was a big fan of Tim Roberts. 

While shooting, he even thought that Tim hates him. 

He felt that he was not doing good during the shooting playing his character, but when he later watched the movie, he was shocked because his acting turned out good, and he learned that something that doesn't feel great doesn't mean it's not great. 

Concerned About Weight 

In the talk show with Conan, Jack talked about him being concerned with his weight. 

He was 235 pounds when he was giving this interview and said that he was doing a lot of exercises to lose some weight. 

He opened up that he had been cycling, climbing the mountain to lose weight. 

He wants to lose weight because he wants to live longer and stay healthier. 

He said that one of his friends lost weight became 225 pounds, as he was 235 before. It made him crazy knowing about that, and because of that, he said he was working hard to lose weight.

Early Age Addiction To Cocaine 

Jack is well known by the people for his acting skills in the entertainment industry. 

But many people don't know about Jack being involved in drugs in his early days. 

Jack started taking cocaine when he was just 14 years old.

He said that he was having a very hard time in his life, and because of that, he started taking cocaine and became addicted to it. 

He was involved in bad company and was also scared of going to school because one of his friends wanted to kill him.

But later, his parents changed his school, where he met a therapist that helped him overcome his cocaine addiction.

Samuel Jason Black's father Jack Black and his grandad
Samuel Jason Black's father, Jack Black, and his grandad Source: Instagram

Taking Drugs To Control Eating

Jack opened up about being on a diet to be physically fit and lose weight. 

He said that he has been working hard to lose some weight and is doing good on it. 

But one thing that makes him unhappy is his inability to control his eating habits. 

He said that he is obsessed with cheese, and he cannot resist it. 

He always craves cheeseburgers and cheese macaroni. 

No matter how hard he tries, he cannot stop himself from eating that. 

So because of that, he is taking medicine that controls his hunger and makes him eat less. 

But sadly, that medicine is not affecting him, so he is thinking of increasing his medicine dose. 

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