Who Is Samuel Piette Hot Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Samuel Piette Hot Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Samuel Piette is a Canadian professional soccer player. He currently plays for Major League Soccer club CF Montreal in the midfielder position

He was born and raised by his parents in Le Gardeur, Quebec, Canada. He has his birthday on 12 November

Family of Samuel Piette.
Family of Samuel Piette. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Samuel

Samuel is in a relationship with a woman named Chloe Vaillant. They aren't married, so she isn't his wife, but they got engaged in September 2021. 

They have a son together. He has posted many pictures of his family. 

He has proposed to his partner and shared that news through his Instagram.

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Samuel Piette with his partner, Chloe Vaillant.
Samuel Piette with his partner, Chloe Vaillant. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Samuel is 27 years old. The net worth of Samuel is estimated to be $1 to $5 Million.

Samuel Talks About Playing Football

Samuel taught some basics about playing football in one of the videos where he taught that a player, he/she should always look around them rather than always looking at the ball. 

Although the ball is near or far, they should concentrate on the surrounding. 

Also, one should always look out for teammates and opponents to decide where to give out the ball and where to not. 

Moreover, one should always play the ball, analyzing whether he or she is under pressure. 

Samuel suggested that while under pressure, one should pass the ball to the defense of the player that the ball was received. 

But if one is not under pressure, they should possess the ball until other players move forward and get into position to attack.

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Samuel Wants To Create A Legacy 

Samuel revealed in an interview that he had never seen such a brilliant team as the Canadian National soccer team in his life. 

He first debuted on the national team in 2012; since then, he has loved playing for the nation. 

He said that off the pitch, the teammates are like brothers. The understanding that they have with each other is really brilliant. 

He described that all of the players on the national team, because of their talent, all the men have the same goal. 

They all want to see their country somewhere top internationally, and they work hard for it. 

He also expressed that he and his team want to make the team so big that it will leave its name in Canadian history and create a legacy for the coming generation.

Less Talk During The Match

Samuel revealed in an interview that while playing some intense matches, there is some kind of stress developed, and they are under pressure each second. 

But he revealed that his group or his team( National Team) has so much understanding with each other that there is not a single talk necessary. 

He expressed that his teammates are even ready to die for him, and that goes for the other side as well.  

He also said that they know the moves of one another and have great trust. 

Not just the players but all the staffs are also close to each other. 

Everyone is working for the same goal, so there are never trust issues within the team.

Samuel Credited The Fans For The Win

Samuel’s team Montreal won the Southeastern Clubs Champions League in 2020 against Saprissa.

His team only needed a clean sheet to win the match because they were already ahead in the previous game. 

Samuel said that his team was not trying to be playfully defensive. But Saprissa really wanted the goal, and they were really tough. 

So his team ended up defending. He expressed that his team stayed tight and didn’t let the opponent get any opportunities to score. 

Their tactics worked, and with no goals, Montreal won the League match. 

After that match, Samuel expressed that the fans kept his team going. 

The support that they showered really boosted the confidence in the team, and they got the win. 

Hence he thanked every fan for their support.

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