Samuele Spalletti – Meet Son Of Luciano Spalletti

by sabina Sun May 26 2024 Updated On Sun May 26 2024
Samuele Spalletti – Meet Son Of Luciano Spalletti

Samuele Spalletti is famous as a celebrity son. He is the son of the Italy national team manager, Luciano Spalletti.

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He chose his career outside of football

Although Samuele is the son of one of the most successful managers, he chose his career outside football. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated with a Master's in Law, Banking, Corporate, Financial, and Securities from the prestigious LUISS in Rome

He is currently working as a Trainee lawyer.


He was born in 1992. He is currently 32 years old.

The love story of his parents

His parents, Luciano and Tamara Spalletti have been married for than three decades and are going as strong as ever. 

His mother, at the time, sold subscriptions to the newspaper L'Unita door-to-door, and his father, who, at the time, was playing for Spezia

He subscribed to it for 19th times, and on the 20th time, he asked her out. They have been inseparable since then.

Samuele Spalletti parents Tamara and Luciano Spalletti
Samuele Spalletti parents Tamara and Luciano Spalletti. Source: Instagram

He has two siblings

Samuele is the oldest of his parent's three children. He has two younger siblings, a brother Federico (Chicco), and a sister, Matilde

His brother, who was born in 1995, is three years younger than him and currently working as a football talent scout, while his sister is much younger than him. 

She was born in 2011. He has a strong bond with his siblings. 

Samuele Spalletti with his little sister Matilde
Samuele Spalletti with his little sister Matilde. Source: Instagram

His father, in an interview, described him as a sensitive beast, and his brother as an authoritarian guitarist. 

He also expressed that his true triumph is seeing him and his brother love their sister.

Samuele Spalletti with his siblings Federico and Matilde
Samuele Spalletti with his siblings Federico and Matilde. Source: Instagram

His beloved uncle died of cancer in 2019

Samuele was very close to his uncle Marcello Spalletti, who sadly passed away of cancer in 2019

On the 26th of June 2019, Samuele took his Instagram, wishing him a happy birthday. 

"No one can ever say what you meant to me and a whole town.. your beloved Avane... Happy birthday Uncle Marcello, we will continue to celebrate like you taught us" he wrote.

His father, while opening up about his brother's death, said his brother was everything and much more. 

He said his brother used to play football and had noticed he was pretty good, so he was happy. 

He would always protect him and push him to do a lot. He suffered a lot when he lost his brother to cancer.

His uncle worked in the Modyva clothing company in Empoli for years and later ran a sofa and armchair company.

Relationship status

Samuele keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. 

However, on May 4, 2024, he uploaded a picture with a girl named Lorena Riitano. He tagged her but only uploaded a picture of their back. 

They even went to Paris together. 

Lorena posted several pictures of her visit to Paris on November 16, 2023, and in one of the pictures, she was with Samuele

One person commented on the post saying what a gorgeous couple, so we can assume she is his girlfriend. 

Samuele Spalletti with Lorena Riitano in Paris
Samuele Spalletti with Lorena Riitano in Paris. Source: Instagram

About his father 

  • His father started his football journey as a semi-professional footballer in his mid-20s and played for several Serie C teams. He hung up his boots in 1993 to start his coaching career.
  • His managerial journey began with his former club Empoli, followed by several other clubs, including Inter Milan, Napoli, and Roma.
  • He made history with Napoli by leading the team to its historic win. He led the team to their first Serie A title in 33 years. For his achievement, he was nominated for The Best FIFA Men's Coach award where was announced second runner-up.
  • While at Napoli, he slept at the office so that he would not lose a second, even the smallest detail.
  • He is fond of the Jersey Collection and has been collecting for over two decades. He said he has always been drawn to the uniqueness and creativity of certain color schemes, logos, and overall uniforms. He has built up quite a collection to date.
Samuele Spalletti father Luciano Spalletti is fond of collecting Jerseys
Samuele Spalletti father Luciano Spalletti is fond of collecting Jerseys. Source: Instagram
  • He owns a farmhouse in Tuscany, on a ridge outside Montaione. He makes his own olive oil and uses the grapes from his vineyard to produce his own wine.
Samuele Spalletti with his family
Samuele Spalletti with his family. Source: Instagram
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