Who Is Sean Brody? Brother Of Adam Brody

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Who Is Sean Brody? Brother Of Adam Brody

Sean Brody is the younger brother of an American actor, writer, musician and producer, Adam Brody

He was born to his mom Valerie Siefman, a graphic artist and his dad, Mark Brody, an attorney.

Sean has a twin brother named Matt Brody

He is an American citizen.

Sean Brody's brother Adam Brody and father Mark Brody
Sean Brody's brother Adam Brody and father Mark Brody  Source: Just Jared

Married Life Sean's Brother Adam 

Adam is married to Leighton Meester, a well-known actress. 

Adam happily tied the knot with his girlfriend Leighton back in 2014

They had a very private marriage ceremony and had invited very few people to their wedding. 

A year after their marriage, the couple welcomed their baby girl named Arlo Day Brody.

They gave birth to their second child in 2020.

How Did They Meet?

Adam met Leighton back in 2010 on the set of Gossip Girls, where the producer introduced them

After that, they worked together in the movie named The Oranges, and at that time, Adam had someone else in his life. 

Two years later, the couple started dating each other and got engaged. 

Adam Brody with his wife Leighton Meester
Adam Brody with his wife Leighton Meester Source: Instagram 


Adam was born in 1985, and his current age is 37 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Adam is $16 Million. He earns as being an actor, writer, musician and producer. 

Not Scared Of Sharks 

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Adam showed that he isn't scared of sharks. 

Besides being an actor, producer and writer, Adam is also a surfer. 

He opened up that he started surfing at an early age, and he does surfing in California

So the interviewee wanted to know whether he gets afraid of sharks. 

He revealed that he has been surfing for many years but has never seen a shark, nor does he think about sharks while surfing. 

Even while surfing, he never thinks of getting attacked by sharks. 

He opened up that he stopped surfing for more than a decade, but he again got back to his tracks. 

Adam opened up that there are many more things to get afraid of except sharks. 

He still does surfing and loves doing that. 

Wrote A Letter To Tooth Fairy 

Adam has gained huge popularity for his role as Seth in the famous show The OC

Adam opened up on the talk show about writing a fan letter to the tooth fairy. 

He was in second grade when he wrote that letter to the tooth fairy, and he was really happy about that. 

The tooth fairy also wrote a letter to him in which there were written many compliments for him, and there was a silver doll for him. 

That letter made him happy, and the next day he went to his school with those things and happily showed it to his friends. 

But later, one of his friends told him that his mom wrote that letter to him as a tooth fairy. 

After hearing the truth from his friend, he got very angry with his mom. 

Shares Females Centric Things With The Son 

Adam is the father of one daughter and a son. 

He opened that he shares many female-centric stories, movies and myths with his son. 

Adam has two siblings, and both of them are brothers, and he grew up with them. 

He didn't know much about females or women related issues and things when he was growing up. He was unaware of those things. 

But as a father, he is trying his best to teach all those female-centric things with his so that he gets to learn and know about those things while he grows up. 

He wanted to share what he heard while growing up, but then he realized that those stories that he listened to were harsh. 

So he shares female-centric stories and movies with his daughter and his son. 

Sean Brody's brother Adam Brody and mother Valerie Jill
Sean Brody's brother Adam Brody and mother Valerie Jill Source: Twitter

A Fan Wants Adam In Her Bed

In the talk show "BuzzFeed," Adam responds to some of the Thirst Tweets of his fans. 

His fan's first tweet was that she wanted Adam in her bed.  

A fan named Cindy M. Saenz wrote that she wants Adam in her bed, caressing her body and singing the song" Through the Trees." 

For that tweet, Adam replied, saying that he could do the first and last thing but talking about the part of singing, he won't be able to do that. 

He said that the song was on a high note, so he is bad at singing high notes, so he cannot do that singing part. 

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