Sharlene Martin

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Sharlene Martin

Sharlene Martin is the mother of Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig. Sharlene is married to Harald Horst Ludwig

Sharlene's husband is a former chairperson of Lionsgate Entertainment. Sharlene herself is a former actress. Sharlene has four children. She is Canadian by her nationality.

Relationship status of Alexander 

Alexander was in a relationship with Kristy Dawn Dinsmore

They both met on the set of the show. They both worked together on series named Vikings. After that, they dated each other. 

Alexander once said he was very grateful that he got an opportunity to work with Kristy. They opened up about their relationship in public. 

They have also posted a lot of photographs together on social media. After that, they broke up in 2020 as things didn't go as they thought. 

After ending the relationship with Kristy, Alexander started dating Lauren Dear. Lauren is the manager of a marketing campaign. 

They both knew each other through their social media. They opened up about their relationship in public by Instagram post as the couple has shared many photos. 

They had also been seen in many places spending time with each other.

After that, in the same year of dating, they announced their engagement. Currently, Alexander is married to Lauren

They shared their marriage news through social media as they posted a picture of them as a bride and groom. They got married in 2021 and now living happily together. 

Sharlene Martin's son Alexander Ludwig and his wife Lauren Dear at their wedding
Sharlene Martin's son Alexander Ludwig and his wife Lauren Dear at their wedding. Source: Instagram

About Alexander 

Alexander is a Canadian actor who was born on May 7, 1992. He is the son of Sharlene Martin and Harld Horst Ludwig

He was raised with his younger brothers and sister by his parents. 

He always had an interest in acting; hence he started acting at the age of nine and performed remarkably well. 

He is well known for his role in series like "The Hunger Game," "Vikings," etc. 

At first, Alexander was in a relationship with Kristy Dawn, who helped him through his addiction and is currently married to Lauren. They don't have any kids yet. 


Alexander is 29 years old.

Net Worth

As of today, Alexander has a net worth of about $3 million. His main source of income comes from acting. 

The average salary of a Canadian actor is about $27920 annually. 

Sharlene's son stole her phone and made her proud

In 2001, when Sharlene's son Alexander was just nine, he took the phone number of Sharlene's previous agent so that he could find a role for himself by stealing her phone. 

He was so interested in acting at such a young time as he was influenced by Sharlene herself. 

She found out about that but didn't scold Alexander. Instead, she was proud of her son. Her son Alexander got a role as a child actor. 

Sharlene Martin with her son Alexander Ludwig
Sharlene Martin with her son Alexander Ludwig. Source: Instagram

Sharlene was supportive as a mother and was also his guide. 

Alexander later started to show his talent in many movies and series like "The Hunger Games," "Vikings," etc., for which he was appreciated.

Did Alexander got dismissed from a club?

Alexander, in 2012 was just 19 years old. He and his friend from the movie The Hunger Game decided to party at a club in Los Angeles

He was found to be underage for drinking and entering the club, due to which he was dismissed from the club. 

His friend defended him and said that for Hollywood, 19 years should be legal to drink. The legal department for the case of underage drinking was looking into the issue.

Alexander's friend was defending him all the time and was against the matter of underage drinking. He also said that 18 years should be the legal age of drinking.

Did Alexander go to rehab?

A virtual campaign named "Bite The Bullet Stories" came into trend, started by Farrah Aviva. In this campaign, celebrities shared their addiction stories by biting a bullet. 

The trend was followed by Alexander as well. He shared his experience through the same campaign about his alcohol and sex addiction. 

He said that before he went to rehab, he had an addiction to alcohol and sex. He used to drink a lot, more than he should. 

He didn't realize that it was not just bad for him, but he closed once too. No one was with him to tackle his addiction but only his past girlfriend, Kristy Dawn

He was then sent to rehab, where he realized how his addiction was terrible for him and his closed once. 

This changed him and helped him achieve a good version of himself and get rid of his addiction. 

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