Sonni Pacheco

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Sonni Pacheco

Sonni Pacheco is the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner. They together have a daughter named Ava Berlin

She is professionally an actress, model, influencer, and sculpture artist. She is from Canada and is of Canadian nationality.

Sonni Pacheco's ex-husband Jeremy Renner
Sonni Pacheco's ex-husband Jeremy Renner Source: Instagram

Marriage, Children, And Divorce

Sonni is single and has not been married yet. She seems to keep her life private. 

She was married in 2014 to a Hollywood star Jeremy. They were dating way back and had a baby girl in 2013

They named her Ava Berlin. They got divorced just after 11 months of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Past Relationships Of Sonni Pacheco

Sonni is a private person and has kept her past a secret from the audience. 

However, Jeremy is the only relationship of the actress Sonni which she made public.

Jeremy with his daughter Ava
Jeremy with his daughter Ava Source: Intagram

About Sonni Pacheco

Sonni was born in 1991. Her parents raised her in Pitt Meadows, Canada

She was raised in a Christian family and went to a reputed university, and graduated as an art student. 

She was interested in the glamour industry. Hence she started doing modeling after her graduation. 

In addition to modeling, she was also featured in movies like The Book love and The Wingman

But she finally ended up as an influencer and sculpture artist. 

Sonnie Pacheco is doing sculpture work
Sonnie Pacheco is doing sculpture work Source: Instagram

Age, Height, And Weight

Sonni is 30 years old. Her height is 1.73 meters.

Net worth

The net worth of Sonni is $4 Million. Her primary source of income comes as being a professional sculpture artist. 

The average income of a Sculpture artist in Canada is $52,340 annually.

Did Jeremy Abuse His Wife Sonni Pacheco?

Sonni and Jeremy got divorced in 2015 legally. But the case didn't stop there. 

After the settlement of the custody of their only child, Sonni revealed that her ex-husband physically, verbally, and mentally abused her. 

She also said that Jeremy was once kept her at a gunpoint when he was not conscious. 

Moreover, the actor shot the sealing when their daughter was asleep. 

Her nanny also said that Jeremy told her Ava was better without a parent. 

When Jeremy was asked about all controversies, he said that it was all a lie and nowhere near the truth.

They had a long custody battle for their only child. Now, they share the joint custody of Ava.

Jeremy Renner Got Injured While Shooting

Jeremy is well known for his brilliancy in acting and action. He did all the possible stunts independently. 

He did a similar thing in the movie Tag. It was a 2013 movie that had a lot of action. 

One of the actions was when the actor had to escape after being tagged by fellow actor. 

He needed to climb up to the stacks of the chair as per the action. 

He did try to do that, but there was a fault in the chair, and he fell off. 

This accident injured his arms on both sides. He was then taken to hospital. 

Despite his injury, he soon got back and completed his remaining work.

Why Jeremy Renner Considered As Most Disliked Actor ?

Jeremy has been in the media because of his ex-wife's allegation. 

But it is not new for him as back then, in the Avengers press conference and interview, he said something that made Marvel fans hate him. 

He said the character of a black widow as a wh*re, and sl*t. He said it as a joke, but fans didn't take it as a joke. 

He was accused of slut shaming Scarlett Johansson by fans. 

The actor did apologize for his statement, but fans didn't seem ready to accept the apology.

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