Ava Berlin Renner- Tragedy Of Jeremy Renner Daughter

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Ava Berlin Renner- Tragedy Of Jeremy Renner Daughter

Ava Berlin Renner is the daughter of American actor and musician Jeremy Renner. Her mother's name is Sonni Pacheco

She has her birthday on 28th March. She is an American citizen

Ava Berlin Renner with her dad, Jeremy Renner.
Ava Berlin Renner with her dad, Jeremy Renner. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ava's Parents 

Ava's parents, Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco were married in 2014

Before their wedding, the couple dated for nearly three years. 

They met each other for the very first time in the year 2011 on the set of Mission: Impossible

Their daughter was born in the year 2013, and soon after their daughter's birth, they decided to get married. 

Sadly their marriage didn't last long, as the couple divorced just a year after their marriage. 

Parents of Ava Berlin Renner.
Parents of Ava Berlin Renner. Source: Pinterest

Ava's Parents Accused Each Other

Ava's mom and dad divorced in 2015, but their divorce was not simple. 

After their separation, Ava's parents fought for her custody. 

They even accused each other of many things and tried to splash dirt on each other's names. 

About Ava's Dad Jeremy 

Jeremy is a well-known actor and musician known for his role play in Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

He has role-played in many movies to date. He was born to his parents, Valerie Cearley and Lee Renner.

He was raised in California.

Age And Net Worth 

Ava was born in the year 2013 and is currently nine years old. Her father, Jeremy, has a net worth of $80 Million

His source of income is acting and being a musician.

Ava Didn’t See Love Between Their Parents

Ava resulted from the relationship between the Hollywood actor Jeremy and Canadian model Sonni.

When she was born, her parents were not even married. They were in love with each other. 

Ava was not even a year old when her parents got married. 

She was so small that she couldn’t see the love the couple used to have for each other. 

But staying together, things between Jeremy and Sonni got pretty ugly. 

They accused each other of many allegations, and hence their marriage ended. 

As Ava grew up, she ended up in the joint custody of their parents. She never got to see her parents together.

Ava Is The Reason Jeremy Can Do Anything

Ava shares time with her mom and dad as they are separated and share joint custody. 

But her father only gets to hang out with her on the weekends. 

And the time that Jeremy gets to meet her daughter is the most precious of his whole weekend. 

From what Jeremy revealed, he wants to hang out with Ava until she feels like she wants to hang out with other friends instead with his father. 

He revealed that he could turn down anything to spend a few moments with her daughter. 

Although he is anywhere in the world, he does come to Ava on weekends. 

He even turned down the shooting of Marvel because he had to visit his daughter.

Jeremy Wants Ava To Be With Him

Jeremy posted a sweet tribute to her daughter Ava on her 9th birthday.

The actor posted a picture of him holding his daughter as a newborn baby and wrote a sweet message. 

He called Ava his first and foremost priority, his number one. He also recalled feeling responsible when he first held Ava in his hand. 

Jeremy also wrote that he wanted to keep his relationship with Ava as fine as possible. He wants Ava to hold his hand until his final breath.

Jeremy Wanted To Kill Himself

Jeremy came home after a party and was drunk and drugged. 

According to his ex-wife Sonni, a nanny nearby heard the talks of Jeremy when he was drunk. 

She revealed that Jeremy was carrying a gun and was pointing the gun at himself inside his mother.

Jeremy was also accused of not just killing himself but also said to killing Sonni as well. 

It was also revealed that Jeremy wanted Ava with no parents than being grown with Sonni. 

Jeremy expressed unconsciously that he was fed up with Sonni. But on Jeremy’s side, he declined all the allegations.

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