Who is Suzanne Perry? Mother Of Matthew Perry

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Who is Suzanne Perry? Mother Of Matthew Perry

Suzanne Perry is the mother of Matthew Perry, a famous American actor

Matthew gained his popularity by playing the role of Chandler Bing in a sitcom named Friends.

Suzanne is a former model, journalist, and former press secretary to the prime minister

Children Of Suzanne Perry.
Children Of Suzanne Perry. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

She married her first husband, John Bennet Perry, in 1968. They have a child together with Matthew Perry.

Suzanne divorced John after two years of marriage in 1970

Suzanne Perry's ex-husband and son.
Suzanne Perry's ex-husband and son. Source: Insider

After that, Suzanne remarried Keith Morrison in 1981. 

They have been together since then. The couple has a child together. Willy, Caitlin, Emily, and Madeleine Morrison

The couple is living a happy life together. There were rumors about their breakup in 2019, but it was untrue.

Suzanne Perry's husband and daughter, Emily.
Suzanne Perry's husband and daughter, Emily. Source: Twitter

Out of her children, Matthew is the most famous one in the family. He gained immense popularity from Friends with the other five members. 

They made $1 Million per episode. And there were ten seasons and max 25 episodes per season. 

About Her Career 

Suzanne started her career by Modeling, but unfortunately, she changed her field and entered journalism

She is a journalist by profession. In 1981, she worked for Global Television News as an anchor for a year. 

She was a press secretary of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Also, she is a political consultant and fundraiser in various businesses

Also, she is a writer, consultant, and political fundraiser. So she is a very professional person and dedicated to her job.

Her first husband, John Perry, is an actor, singer, and model. Her recent husband, Keith Morrison, is a broadcast journalist

He was a correspondent for Dateline NBC.


Suzanne was born in 1939 in Canada. She is 84 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is about $11 Million, and her son Matthew's net worth is about  $80 Million.

The Bond Between Matthew And His Stepfather

Matthew and Keith are close together. They often got seen together in public. 

While Matthew was filming Friends, Keith was spotted with him on set. Keith said he has many benefits from being a stepfather. 

Matthew is a wonderful person, and he is very fond of him. 

When asked whether he believed young Matthew would become famous, he said with a smile that he thought Matthew would become famous but not as an actor. 

Matthew is quite funny and has a good sense of humor, so people around him thought he would become a comedian. 

Keith said that he is fortunate to have Matthew as a stepson, and the greatest gift he ever got from Matthew was a 911 Porsche, which he still drives.

Matthew Was A Drug Addict 

Matthew was struggling with drug addiction. He got addicted to Vicodin( drug type) after a jet-ski accident in 1997.  

He completed a 28-day rehab program. He was addicted to Vicodin. He was taking 55 Vicodin per day. 

Later, his colon exploded, and he was in a coma for two weeks. His family was told he had a 2 percent chance to live. 

After that, he tried to sober up and had 14 surgeries. He almost experienced near death. 

He said in his book that he opened up about his personal life, family relationships, and friendships.

While filming Friends, he dealt with soberness and said people could see the drastic weight change in seasons. 

And he said when he was gaining weight, it was alcohol, and when he was skinny, it was pills. 

He struggled pretty hard to come to the point where he is now. 

Matthew wanted to share his experience and struggle with the world, so he opened up.

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