Sylvester Union

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Sylvester Union

Sylvester Union is the father of a famous American actress, voice artist, and author, Gabrielle Union

He was married to Theresa Union. He and his wife is a former manager of telecommunication company AT&T.  

Sylvester also is a former military. He was a sergeant then. He is the father of three daughters named Tracy Union, Kelly Union, and Gabrielle Union.

Sylvester Union Divorced after 30 years

Sylvester and Theresa Union got divorced after 30 years of their marriage. They raised their three children together and never let them down in anyways. 

They are good parents. After living with each other for such a long period, they were tired of each other and were losing compatibility. 

Hence they divorced after their children grew up and independent.

Sylvester Union ex-wife and daughter
Sylvester Union ex-wife and daughter  Source: Instagram

Gabrielle’s Courage Made her Got Fired from AGT

Gabrielle once was a part of one of the greatest shows in the world, AGT (America’s Got Talent)

She experienced some problems with the sets and publicly told about it. She also spoke against racism on set. 

For this behavior, she was fired off of the show. She then cased against America’s Got Talent producer in June 2020.

She confessed that she was given threats not to speak against the show and racism. 

She complained about many racist activities during an ongoing show, but all her parts were cut and not broadcasted.

Accident on Gabrielle Union’s Set

In 2019, Gabrielle was working on the series named “L.A’s Finest.”  A car stunt scene was being monitored by the Showrunners Sonnier and Brandon in video village. 

Out of nowhere, the set was hit by a shipping container. In this accident, Sonnier’s leg was smashed by the container for which he had to do an operation by cutting his foot below the knees. 

Due to this, the series was canceled for a long period. Later, Gabrielle and her team gave tribute to the people who faced this accident.   

Daughter’s Relationship Status

Gabrielle was first married to an NFL player Chris Howard. They met in 1999 and started dating soon after.

They got married after two years of their love affairs, on May 5, 2001

It was not quite working out between them, and Gabrielle thought that she was crazy for the feeling of wearing a marriage ring more than love. 

She then divorced Chris in 2005. She then focused on her career and her dreams.

Just after three years of divorce, Gabrielle started dating a basketball player Dwyane Wade

They dated for six straight years and finally married on August 30, 2014

Dwyane Wade had three children with his ex-wife. She was ok with that. 

Then they went to Maldives and Tanzania for their honeymoon and enjoyed themselves there. 

After about four years, Gabrielle gave birth to her first daughter on December 7, 2018

Gabrielle with his husband, Chris
Gabrielle with his husband, Chris  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

His daughter Gabrielle’s net worth is about $ 40 Million. Her sources of income comes from as being a professional actress, author, and voice artist.  

Age, Height, and Weight

His exact age is not available. However, his daughter Gabrielle is currently 48 years old.

He is American by nationality.

About Gabrielle Union

On October 29, 1972, Gabrielle was born in Omaha, Nebraska, America.

She is an actress, activist, and author by profession. She is also a vocal artist. 

She first acted as a young actress in a comedy movie named “She’s All That.” 

She then worked on many films and series but was widely appreciated for her work on the 2000’s movie “Bring It On.” 

She was always fond of writing, and hence she published a book in 2017. Her book’s name was “We’re Going To Need More Wine.” 

She never stays back for being the voice for woman and their health.

She has a daughter named Kaavia James.

Sylvester Union with his grandchild
Sylvester Union with his grandchild  Source: Instagram

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