Who Is Theresa Union? Mother Of Gabrielle Union

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Who Is Theresa Union? Mother Of Gabrielle Union

Theresa Union is the mother of American actress Gabrielle Union. She is married to her husband Sylvester Union

She shares three children with her husband. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Theresa Union's husband and daughter.
Theresa Union's husband and daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Theresa’s Daughter Gabrielle

Gabrielle is an actress popularly known for her role as Isis in the 2000 movie Bring It On

As of 2023, she plays the role of Eva in the series Truth be Told

She was born 1972 to her parents and has her birthday on October 29

She grew up with her siblings Kelly and Tracy

Theresa Union with her daughter, Gabrielle Union.
Theresa Union with her daughter, Gabrielle Union. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Gabrielle 

Gabrielle is married to her husband, Dwayne Wade. Her husband is an NBA player

They started dating in 2008, and in 2014 they tied the knot. 

Gabrielle and her husband have signed a prenup before getting married. 

In 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter together. Gabrielle is also a stepmom to three children of Dwayne

Before Dwayne, she was married to Chris Howard. They met in 1999 at a party, and two years later, they tied the knot. 

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only for four years as they filed for divorce in 2005, which was finalized a year later.

Gabrielle Union with her husband.
Gabrielle Union with her husband.

Age And Net Worth

Theresa is 76 years old. Her daughter Gabrielle has a net worth of $ 45 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Gabrielle Taught Her Husband Basic Things

In 2019, Gabrielle’s husband retired from the NBA. He was penniless when he joined the NBA

He spent most of his time playing and training, and after retirement, when he had to stay home, he had no idea what was happening in his life. 

Everything makes her husband excited and surprised. 

He had never been to a car wash before, and after retirement, when they went for a car wash, her husband enjoyed it a lot. 

He was shocked to hear the milk price, and Gabrielle had to explain it to him. 

Her husband spent most of his time exploring basic things after retirement.

Gabrielle’s Surprise Proposal 

Gabrielle shared her proposal story in an interview. 

She was wearing a big engagement ring, so the interviewer asked how Dwayne proposed. 

Gabrielle had no idea about the whole proposal thing, as it was a surprise for her. 

Her partner Dwayne and his three sons planned the whole proposal thing. 

Gabrielle thought she, Dwayne, and the kids would have a good family time, and they ate. 

After that, they returned to their house, which was under construction. 

She was dressed up all basic with no make-up, and when she and Dwayne were talking upstairs, kids came up and told her they had a presentation made. 

When Gabrielle turned to look, she saw a big signboard with Will You Marry Us written on it. 

She thought the kids were having fun, but then Dwayne kneeled and asked her to marry him, and she said yes. 

Gabrielle Loves Taking Care Of People

Gabrielle and her mom talked about their extended family on a talk show. 

She said that she was raised in a huge family, and her family was one of the most prominent black families in the Midwest

Every person who sought care and love would end up in their house, and no matter who they were or where they came from, they just became family to them. 

They never cared about the blood relation things. 

They just took in the people who needed care, and because of the mentality that she grew up with, she never minded being a stepmother to her husband's kids. 

Gabrielle's Husband Hid His Baby

Gabrielle and Dwayne started dating in 2008. Their relationship was not fairytale at all. 

In 2013, Gabrielle and Dwayne were at horrible places in their relationship, which led to taking a break from each other. 

But they managed to sort out things and got back together. 

Things started getting better, and they were planning their wedding when Dwayne told Gabrielle about having a baby with another woman. 

She had no idea that Dwayne had a baby with another woman when things were going rough in their relationship, which completely devastated her. 

She was shocked and had no words to say anything, leaving her speechless. 

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