Teresa Augello

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Teresa Augello

Teresa Augello is the mother of famous American singer and songwriter Alicia Keys

Teresa was married to Craig Cook, who was a flight attendant. Craig has a son name Cole Cook

Teresa herself is a paralegal and part-time actress by profession. 

Teresa is an Italian citizen. Alicia is the single child of Teresa

She raised her all alone and did three jobs to give everything to her daughter. 

Relationship Status Of Alicia Keys

Alicia was in a relationship with Kerry Brothers Jr. They had stayed in a relationship for many years. 

They both met each other in 1990. After dating each other for eighteen years, and ended their relationship. 

They both worked together as a partner while they were together. Alicia was also caught kissing Timberlake back in 2002.

It is also known that they have dated each other for a month, but it is not sure about that rumors as Alicia dated Kerry straight from 1990 to 2008.  

As they were caught kissing, the rumors of them being together flashed.

Alicia then dated Swizz Beatz. They both knew each other when they were teenagers

They met with the help of a friend who wanted them to work as a team. 

After breaking up with her ex, she got into a relationship with Swizz in 2008. At that time, Swizz was married. They got together after Swizz divorced his wife. 

After dating for two years, Alicia got pregnant with Swizz's kid. They got engaged and married in 2010

In the same year, Alicia gave birth to her first son named Egypt. Later in 2014, they welcomed their second child named Genesis Dean

Alicia with her husband
Alicia with her husband  Source: Instagram 

About Daughter Alicia Keys

Alicia is an American singer and songwriter born on January 25, 1981. 

Her real name is Alicia Augello Cook, but professionally she is known as Alicia Keys

She is the single daughter of her mother, Teresa Augello. Her father abandoned her when she was just two years old. 

Her mother has been her biggest strength as she has done every possible thing to raise her. 

She started singing at a very young age. Her song Girl on fire was a Billboard hit. 

She has written many songs and performed them beautifully. Her song named Songs in A Minor was a hit. 

She also received many awards for her songs. 

Teresa's Daughter Was Judged For Her Skin Tone

People judged Teresa and her daughter Alicia for their different skin tones. 

Her daughter Alicia opened up that she had faced racism in her life as she had darker skin tone. 

People never took Teresa as her mother. As Teresa was fairer than her daughter, they always suspected Teresa as her manager or her babysitter. 

People always took Teresa as an employee of her daughter. Her daughter never felt comfortable about that as the people criticized them for their colors.

Teresa with her daughter Alicia
Teresa with her daughter Alicia  Source: Instagram 


Teresa's daughter is 40 years old.

Net Worth 

Alicia's net worth is $150 Million. Her source of income is through professional singing and songwriting. 

The yearly income of singers in America is estimated to be $56,340.

Alicia Keys Was Unconfident About Her Looks

Like many others, Alicia was also not confident about her looks before. 

As she came from a very judgmental society, she never felt comfortable about how she was. 

She never accepted the way she was. Her insecurity increased as she started releasing her new albums and performed on the big stage. She used tons of beauty products to look perfect. 

Then as she began to self-learn herself, she noticed that many women think that beauty is all about being thin sexy and having flawless skin. She also went through the same things. 

Then she decided to defeat her insecurity rather than covering up her flaws. She also did a photoshoot in her bare face with no make-over for her new album, and for that, she meditated. 

She was so scared initially, but she felt she was worth it and powerful when the photoshoot started. 

She was delighted that she finally learned to accept her just the way she is.

Alicia Keys Got Her Fingers Broken

Alicia collaborated with Jason Derulo. They were having a lot of fun together. But their fun changed into shock when Alicia broke her finger. 

Alicia was playing piano when Derulo banged the cover of the piano mistakenly and Keys was playing the piano. It got her fingers twisted. 

Derulo immediately rushed to get some ice. 

She posted a picture of her on social media tagging Derulo where her fans judged her, saying that she was joking and used filters to show that. 

Keys thought that she wouldn't be able to play piano ever again. But later it got fine. 

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