Terezka Soucek – Meet Cute Daughter Of Tomas Soucek

by Pragya Tue Apr 23 2024 Updated On Tue Apr 23 2024
Terezka Soucek – Meet Cute Daughter Of Tomas Soucek

Terezka Soucek is the eldest daughter of Czech professional footballer Tomas Soucek. Her mother’s name is Natalie Dobrovodska

She was born to her parents in 2019 and celebrated her birthday on January 9. She has a baby sister named Karolina

She is a Czech Republic citizen by nationality. 

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Terezka Soucek with her father Tomas Soucek
Terezka Soucek with her father Tomas Soucek. Source: Instagram

When did Terezka's parents get married? 

Terezka's mom, Natalie, and dad, Tomas, dated each other for a long time before tying the knot. 

They met in 2015, and shortly after knowing each other, they fell in love. Terezka was born before her parents got married. 

A year after Terezka’s birth, the couple happily tied the knot on August 8, 2020. They welcomed their second baby girl, Karolina, in 2022. 

Terezka, along with her family, make frequent appearances on her dad's social media. 

Terezka Soucek with her parents Tomas Soucek and Natalie Dobrovodska
Terezka Soucek with her parents Tomas Soucek and Natalie Dobrovodska. Source: Instagram
Terezka Soucek with her parents Tomas Soucek and Natalie Dobrovodska and sibling
Terezka Soucek with her parents Tomas Soucek and Natalie Dobrovodska and sibling. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Terezka is now five years old. Her dad, Tomas, has a net worth of $7 Million. His source of income is his football career. 

Terezka was far from his grandparents. 

When Terezka was just a year old, her dad had to move to London as he signed a contract with West Ham FC. 

She and her parents left Prague and moved out in 2020, and shortly after they got there, the government announced a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Terezka's parents wanted her grandparents to see her growing up, but due to the lockdown, it couldn’t happen. 

However, her parents did make sure to keep Terezka connected with her grandparents, so they often communicated on Video Calls. 

On the other hand, her mom and dad got enough quality time to spend with her, which her dad, Tomas, saw as an advantage of the lockdown. 

Does Terezka's dad have good stamina? 

Terezka’s dad, Tomas, currently plays for the West Ham football club in the position of defensive midfielder. 

Tomas has been in a football career since he was a kid, and his stamina during the match is very impressive. 

Tomas opened up that the reason behind his great stamina was his mother. 

His mom, Iva, was a marathon runner, so during his childhood, he spent most of his time running with his mom in the forest. 

He enjoyed spending time with his mom running, and it somehow helped him build his stamina, which benefited him in his football career. 

Tomas dedicated his goal to his granddad

Two years ago, in one of the matches against the Wolves, Tomas scored a winning goal for his team. 

It was his birthday, and he celebrated his birthday with a perfect winning goal, and he was really happy about it. 

Also, in the interview after the match, he said he dedicated his goal to his grandfather and opened up that his granddad was there to see him score the match. 

His granddad, who was about turn 80 years wanted to see him playing for a long time, but due to COVID, he couldn’t travel. 

But on that day, his granddad saw him play and score. 

His granddad has always been supportive of him and his football career, and as his granddad had so much impact on his life, he dedicated his goal to him. 

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