Tomas Soucek Wife Natalie Dobrovodaska And Parents

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Tomas Soucek Wife Natalie Dobrovodaska And Parents

Tomas Soucek is a professional football player. He currently plays in Premier League club West Ham United in the position of midfielder. 

He joined the team back in 2020. Also, he is the captain of the Czech Republic national team

Tomas was born to his parents, Iva and Frantisek Socek, on February 27, 1995. He is a Czech citizen by his nationality. 

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His parents were his biggest Inspiration

Tomas revealed in an interview that his parents were his biggest inspiration. His father was a footballer and played as a goalkeeper. 

His mother played handball, and his aunt played football. 

His fate was decided even before his birth, and his first option when he was born was to play football. 

He also said that everywhere he went, he would ask his family if he could take the ball with him. 

Seeing his son's love for football, his father, who used to be a coach, took Tomas to his first football training.

His mother is also his major influence. Tomas credited her for his stamina as he thinks he got his stamina from her. 

His mother has been running half-marathons and marathons for fifteen years. He said when he was younger, he went to the forest with her. 

Even after being a footballer, since he doesn't like too much space without intensity, sometimes he would go to run in the forest with her in his pre-season. 

Tomas's parents have been supporting him throughout his journey to become a successful football career. 

When Tomas was 10, he joined Salvia, but the journey from Havlickuv Brod to Prague was 120 km. 

For the next 4-5 years, his parents sacrificed a lot for him. They used to travel to Prague with their son by car. 

At first, it was twice a week, but later, it was five times a week. 

At that time, his father used to work as a bathroom company manager, and his mother was an accountant. 

They had to ask for leave every time they left for Prague and had to work extra shifts to cover for their time off. 

He said his parents had a hard time, but now he wants to repay his parents and he wants to show them that he is very happy with what they did for him and wants to do the best that he can for them.

Tomas also revealed that they are the best support he could have.

When Tomas won the Czech Football of the Year award for 2023, he posted pictures of receiving the award with his wife on his social media and thanked his family for providing him with the foundation of all success. 

He thanked his wife, daughters, parents, and sister. 

Tomas Soucek and his wife posing with Czech Football of the Year award
Tomas Soucek and his wife posing with the Czech Football of the Year award. Source: Instagram

Married life of Tomas 

Tomas is married to his wife, Natalie Dobrovodaska. According to some sources, the couple met somewhere in 2015 and started dating. 

Natalie made frequent appearances on Tomas's social media.

The couple tied the knot on August 9, 2020

They share two children together. They welcomed their eldest daughter on January 9, 2019, and named her Terezka Soucek

Tomas, on October 22, 2022, announced the arrival of their second child through his Instagram and wrote, "Our second little girl Karolina."

Tomas Soucek with his wife on their wedding day
Tomas Soucek with his wife on their wedding day. Source: Instagram 
Tomas Soucek with his wife and children
Tomas Soucek with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth

Tomas is 27 years old. He has a net worth of £9 Million earned from his football career. 

Tomas’s best goal of his career 

Tomas played for the club West Ham in this year's Premier League against Everton

The game was tough for the team, and West Ham nearly lost the game, but Tomas’s last-minute goal became a savior. 

Tomas talked about his goal in an interview and said that he considers that goal as the best goal of his career. 

He has scored many goals throughout his career, but as his goal for West Ham was a winning goal, he considers it the best goal. 

The timing was perfect, and so was the goal. 

He was focused on not hitting the players in front of him, so when he hit the ball, he flew and hit the net, scoring a winning goal for West Ham

Tomas and his team were really happy and celebrated the win together. 

Does Tomas miss Declan Rice? 

Tomas and Declan are very good friends with each other. They played together in West Ham FC for three years. 

They played as midfielders together in the club and had great experience until Declan moved to Arsenal

Tomas is happy that Declan found his place in Arsenal and is doing great on the team, but he does miss playing alongside him. 

The team is now bringing in new players, and for Tomas, it has been quite hard to adjust to new players as he is used to playing with Declan

But he is finding his way to get along with the new players. 

It might take time, but there is a way to deal with the changes, and as a football player, he will do his best to make good connections with new midfielders.

Tomas about managerial career 

Tomas did a Q&A interview where he answered some of the questions about his favorite breakfast, toughest player, and many more. 

There was also a question about a managerial career, and for that, he said that he had thought of being a manager. 

However, he hasn’t really considered being a manager as he is still in his playing career and doing great in it. 

He loves football and would do anything that will keep him connected with football, but for now, a coaching or managerial career is not in his consideration, and he wants to focus on playing. 

Also, he said that he loves English breakfast and English tea. Tomas also talked about the toughest player he faced and it was Messi.

Lockdown was advantageous for Tomas? 

In 2020, Tomas was transferred to London as a loan player. He got there, and shortly after that, lockdown began due to the coronavirus. 

It was a tough time for everyone in the world, but a part of Tomas was really happy as he was with his family. 

His daughter and wife were with him in London, and during that Lockdown period, he got to spend more time with them. 

His other family was in Prague, but it didn’t cause any issues as he regularly contacted them. 

He also kept good communication with his West Ham teammates and talked to them on a daily basis. 

Tomas had a great time with his daughter, and he also helped his wife in the kitchen with everything. 

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