Who Is Tito Martinez? Father Of Bad Bunny

by Manisha Sun Apr 16 2023 Updated On Tue May 02 2023
Who Is Tito Martinez? Father Of Bad Bunny

Tito Martinez is the father of Benito Antonio Martinez, popularly known as Bad Bunny. His son is a singer, actor, producer, and professional wrestler. Tito is from Puerto Rico

He is married to Lysaurie Ocasio, and his wife used to work as a teacher. They share three kids, Bernie, Bysael, and Benito. Benito is the oldest one.

Tito used to work as a truck driver and worked hard to give everything to his family. 

Tito Martinez's wife and son.
Tito Martinez's wife and son. Source: Pinterest

Is Bunny Dating Kendall Jenner?

Bunny is linked to model Kendall Jenner after an anonymous account posted about them in 2023

They said that the pair were spotted making out in an LA club

After that, E News reported that the two were seen leaving the same restaurants alongside Kendall's close friend. 

However, the two have not given any official statement about their relationship with each other. 

 Tito Martinez's son Bad Bunny.
Tito Martinez's son Bad Bunny. Source: Instagram


His son Benito is 29 years old

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $40 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a singer.

Bunny On Wrestling In WWE

Bunny has been a huge wrestling fan since he was a kid. He added he trained for three months for that. 

He said that it was a dream come true for him to be able to wrestle in WWE

He added he worked on his physicality and learned about the ring technique. 

He shared that he watched his fight every night after the wrestling mania. 

Gave The Scoop On All The Things He Eats In A Day

Bunny shared that he wakes up around seven and starts his day with a coffee. He prefers to have ground coffee made by a barista or by himself. 

He loves to have his breakfast. So he has scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese for his breakfast. 

His lunch depends upon the place he is at. He has his lunch at two o clock. However, he shared that he likes having dinner at 9 o'clock.

He prefers sushi for dinner with some red wine. When it is hot outside, he drinks cocktails. His late-night snack is cornflakes. 

He said he could eat a whole box with milk. But he said he loves everything made with coconut for dessert. 

Facing Financial Problems 

Bunny comes from a working family. He was not born with a silver spoon. Nevertheless, he knows what it is to survive under a minimum wage. 

He added he has experienced working in fear of getting kicked out of his job. However, he shared that during his college days, he hustled a lot. 

He said he didn't have money to buy a shirt which was not that expensive. 

He said that experiences have disciplined him, and he is grateful for what he has today.

Bunny talked About His Hairstyle Over The Years

Bunny shared that when he was in high school, he shaved his whole head, but when he like twelve or thirteen, he used to have side cuts, some typical hairstyle of that time. 

He shared that the shaved head look really suited him. He said he used to give the barber the freedom to do whatever he felt like with his short hair. 

He shared that he loved the designs made on his hair. So when he turned 25, he started growing his hair. 

He also dyed his hair green. He said he didn't plan to do this. He goes with the flow. 

He said he is not good at styling his hair. So he does need a good hairstylist. 

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