Who Is Tracey Jacobs? Ex-Manager Of Johnny Depp

by Manisha Wed May 11 2022 Updated On Thu May 19 2022
Who Is Tracey Jacobs? Ex-Manager Of Johnny Depp

Tracey Jacobs is one of the top power brokers in the entertainment industry

She is the co-head and partner of one of Hollywood's largest agency, UTA. 

She has worked with Hollywood A-lister celebrities like Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, Jason Bateman, etc.

Tracey Jacobs with Johnny Depp
Tracey Jacobs with Johnny Depp Source: Pinterest

Is Johnny Dating One Of Her Attorneys?

The trial between Amber and Johnny is still going in court, but the news of him falling for one of his attorneys, Camille Vasquez, is making headlines. 

Social media is flooded with the rumor of dating his attorney as they are seen interacting closely with one another in courtroom.

During an interaction, Johnny and Camille held hands, and she whispered in his ear. 

When she entered the courtroom, Johnny pulled a chair for her. 

The 38-year-old Camille told sources that their relationship is purely professional. 

She is in a serious relationship with her British boyfriend, a real estate agent by profession.

Why Did Johnny Stayed In His Marriage To Amber?

Johnny got married to Amber in 2015

During a trial, Johnny explained why he stayed in a relationship with Amber despite alleged abuse. 

He continued his testimony for his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber where he claimed that she would rage, strikeout, and be angry during their marriage. 

Her anger began with slaps, throwing a TV remote at him, throwing a glass of wine at him. 

When he was asked why he stayed with her, he replied he did not want to fail and hurt anyone, especially Amber. He did not want to break her heart. 

He recalled an incident when his father left her mother, she attempted to commit suicide, and his father's deeds came to his mind, and as a result, he remained in that marriage.


Tracey's real age is unknown.

Net Worth

Her net worth is in hefty amount, but she hasn't revealed her exact amount to date.

Amber Called Johnny 'An Old Fat Man'

Johnny's team called Christi Dembrowski, elder sister of Johnny, to testify and tell about their parents and upbringing. 

During a testimony, Christi defended her brother and took a stand for him. 

She confessed that she had witnessed accusations that she was not nice to Johnny. 

Amber insulted Johnny, saying that Dior wants to do business with him as that brand is all about class and styles, and she said you don’t have that style. 

Christi admitted that she witnessed her insulting her brother multiple times. 

Amber called Johnny an old and fat man

Why Did Johnny Fire Tracey?

In 2017, Johnny walked away from UTA's Tracey Jacobs. Tracey was the one who took him from his Tv show 21 Jump Street and made him a movie star. 

Tracey was a well-famed talent agent and took a high commission from his movie deals. 

According to sources, Johnny was going through a financial struggle, and he could not afford or pay more commissions to the company. 

He had been working with the UTA since the beginning of his career, and he wanted to change. 

Depp told his attorney that he would no longer want to pay their commissions, but they pushed back. 

So she signed a deal with the rival agency CAA as they charged him a lower commission. 

So he fired his agent Tracey as he could not afford her fees amid financial turmoil.

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