Tracey Walker - Meet Mother Of Kyle Walker

by sabina Sun Jun 30 2024 Updated On Sun Jun 30 2024
Tracey Walker - Meet Mother Of Kyle Walker

Tracey Walker is the beloved mother of Kyle Walker, an English-born professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Manchester City, which he captains, and the England national team.

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Who is she married to?

Tracey is married to her husband, Michael Walker who is originally from Jamaica. They first met in their 20s in Britain and eventually got married. 

They welcomed their only son Kyle on the the 28th of May, 1990 in a Sheffield estate. 

Kyle said he had a tough childhood growing up explaining that the area he grew up in was not good. 

In his teen years, he witnessed a fatal arson attack, and a suicide next door. He also said that those experiences molded him into who he is today.

They initially struggled financially 

Tracey and her husband struggled financially during their early days. 

Kyle in an emotional interview after winning the treble with Manchester City in 2023 said he is living the dream of having to experience the victory with his parents in the stand explaining the area of Sheffield where he has come from isn't easy. 

He also recalled the time when his mother didn't have a pound for an ice cream van. 

"So for her to be here, experiencing this with me, God bless her. I am just thankful", he added.

Tracey Walker with her husband Michael and son Kyle Walker after the Manchester City victory in 2023
Tracey Walker with her husband Michael and son Kyle Walker after the Manchester City victory in 2023. Source: Instagram

The only criticism her son listens to is from her 

During a press conference ahead of England's second Euro match against Denmark, when asked about comments made about players on social media, Kyle revealed the only criticism he listens to is from his mum. 

He said he doesn't read the comments and would rather not see them and concentrate on what is happening at the camp. 

He listens mainly to what his mum says who always tells him if he has a good game so he listens to her and goes from that.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her son Kyle. Kyle's net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. 

Kyle apologized to his wife for the idiot choices and the decisions he made

Kyle publicly apologized to Annie Kilner, his childhood sweetheart, and his wife since 2021 for hurting her taking full responsibility for idiot choices and the decisions he made. 

In 2019, Kyle and Instagram influencer Lauryn Goodman had a brief fling. 

Their son Kairo was conceived the following year while he was temporarily separated from his childhood sweetheart. 

However, Kyle and Annie reconciled and exchanged their wedding vows in November 2021

Everything was going well until Kyle and Goodman got back while he was seeking treatment for a groin injury in London

Their daughter was born in the summer of 2023.

Goodman claimed to have a long-distance relationship with Kyle and that he had been leading a double life, playing the two women off against each other.

During an interview with The Sun, Kyle describing Annie as his soulmate begged for forgiveness saying he made idiot choices and idiot decisions and expressed his guilt for putting her through pain and hurt and for not being the man he was supposed to be. 

He claimed sleeping with Goodman only twice, with both infidelities resulting in a baby, and that there was no relationship. 

He also claimed that Goodman trapped him in the corner from October, when she told him about their second child. 

"She was in a position of control where if she asked me to jump, I would respond, 'How High'? he said.

Tracey Walker son Kyle Walker, daughter-in-law Annie Kilner and grandchildren
Tracey Walker son Kyle Walker, daughter-in-law Annie Kilner and grandchildren. Source: Pinterest 

Kyle and Annie are trying to rebuild their marriage after the arrival of their fourth child. 

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