Michael Walker - Meet Father Of Kyle Walker 

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Michael Walker - Meet Father Of Kyle Walker 

Michael Walker is the father of an English professional football player, Kyle Walker

Kyle plays as a right-back player for Premier League Club Manchester City and the England national team.

Michael is originally from Jamaica.

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Married a British Woman

Michael has been happily married to his wife, Tracey Walker. In his twenties when he moved to England, he met Tracey, a British citizen. 

They eventually fell in love and tied the knot to each other. They gave birth to their son, Kyle, on May 28, 1990, in the Sheffield Estate

They struggled financially initially. Kyle revealed in an interview that his mother didn't have a pound to get him ice cream from the ice cream van. 

But later, they managed to bring up Kyle in a middle-class family in the Sharrow area of the city. 

Growing up in such an area was not easy as Kyle had witnessed fatal arson attacks and suicides. 

Michael Walker with his wife Tracey Walker and son Kyle Walker
Michael Walker with his wife Tracey Walker and son Kyle Walker. Source: Instagram

Michael caught in controversy during the pandemic

Kyle has a younger sister named Chloe

Kyle tried to keep her out of the limelight for many years but led her to get harassed by media and fans after he violated the COVID rules to meet Chloe and his parents in 2020 for his sister's birthday. 

Since he is a renowned footballer, he was followed by the press and they captured his every move and published it which led their family to get harassed. 

The matter got worse as Kyle had urged everyone to stay inside the house for their safety when he himself broke all the rules. 

He took to Instagram to give a statement after the harassment didn't stop. 

He wrote he felt he stayed silent for long enough and he needed to address the articles published about him and his family. 

He further revealed that he had gone through one of the toughest periods of his life and he takes full responsibility for it. 

He said the harassment didn't affect him that much but it affected the health of his family and also his young children. 

He then revealed what had happened during that day. 

He said he traveled to Sheffield to give his sister a birthday card and present and also spoke to one of the few people he believed he could trust in his life.

His sister couldn't hold her excitement and happiness seeing her brother and hugged him. 

He then went to his parent's house to pick up some home-cooked meals. 

He said that his family also had tough times as they went through what he was going through. 

He didn't understand why his parents and sister were getting their privacy invaded by photographers who followed him to their homes. 

He revealed he constantly felt being followed and didn't even feel safe at his own home and his family had been torn apart in the controversy. 

He understood that he was a role model and a professional athlete which he doesn't take for granted but he is a human being as well and does feel pain and gets upset like everybody else. 

He urged everyone to take mental health into consideration. However, this was not the first time Kyle got caught in a controversy. 

He reportedly held a gathering during the COVID pandemic at his house on the weekend which included two sex workers and a friend. 

This gathering broke the UK's lockdown law at that time which banned gatherings of more than two people. He later issued an apology through his social media.

Daughter-in-law of Michael and Tracey, Annie Kilner

Kyle and Annie met at the high school. At that time Kyle used to play for Sheffield United

When they first met Annie was fifteen years old and Kyle was seventeen. Annie said in an interview that it was love at first sight for her. 

However, Kyle and Annie broke up for sometime in May 2019 after Kyle was cheating on her with Laura Brown

They are back together after some time and in 2021, Kyle and Annie got married to each other. 

Michael is blessed with grandchildren

Kyle and Annie have four children together. The children are Riaan Walker, Roman Walker, and Reign Walker

It was in the news that Kyle was supposed to give birth to another child this year. This April she gave birth to another son Rezon Walker.

Kyle has two more children from Lauryn

It has come to be known that Kyle had a brief fling with Lauryn Goodman while he and Annie had a brief breakup which led to Lauryn being pregnant with his child.

He also impregnated her with a second child while he was married to Annie. He has two children from Lauryn, one son, Kairo Walker, and a daughter. 

Though Kyle and Annie are separated, they are taking care of their four children together. 

Kyle was spotted in a recent match with his newborn son, Rezon, and three others. Annie was also there witnessing the match.

Lauryn disclosed that Kyle's action of not inviting her and their children to match is very disrespectful. 

She wanted Kyle to realize that he can’t erase the fact that they are his children, and it's better to accept all of them. Her younger daughter is just a year old now.

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