Valentina Lima Jaric- Adriana Lima Daughter Unseen

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Valentina Lima Jaric- Adriana Lima Daughter Unseen

Valentina Lima Jaric is the daughter of Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima. Her dad's name is Marko Jaric, a basketball player. 

Talking about her siblings, Valentina has a sister named Sienna Lima Jaric. She is Serbian-Brazilian by her nationality. 

Valentina Lima Jaric with her sister Sienna Lima Jaric and mother Adriana Lima
Valentina Lima Jaric with her sister Sienna Lima Jaric and mother Adriana Lima Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life 

Adriana was previously married to Marko Jaric, an NBA basketball player. 

In 2007, Adriana met Marko through her mutual friend. The couple tied the knot in 2009. 

Adriana and Marko are the parents of two daughters. However, the couple divorced after two years of their marriage.

Valentina Lima Jaric's parents Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric
Valentina Lima Jaric's parents Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric Source: People

Dating Life Of Adriana 

Adriana dated American singer Lenny Kravitz back in 2001 for two years. 

They were also engaged, but, they ended their relationship after some time. 

After ending her first marriage, she started dating Andre Lemmers

As of 2022, they are still together, and Adriana is pregnant with Andre's baby.

Adriana Lima with her partner Andre Lemmers
Adriana Lima with her partner Andre Lemmers Source: Instagram

Adriana Left Victoria's Secret 

Adriana is well known to be one of the angles of Victoria’s Secret models. 

As a model, she had very successful, and working with Victoria's Secret was one of the best opportunities that she had in her life. 

She feels happy and honored to work with Victoria's Secret; working with it was like her dream coming true. 

In 2018, Adriana finally said goodbye to her Victoria's Secret modeling career, and she was heartbroken when she quit it.

She shared that she had a great experience in Victoria's Secret and will always be grateful to the team. 

She has always loved walking in runways and was even told that she would not leave Victoria's Secret until she does 20 shows, but she left it. 

She revealed that the thought of leaving Victoria’s Secret had come to mind years before quitting. 

She felt heartbroken and busted out in tears when she walked for her last time on the runway. 

She thanked her fans, who supported and loved her immensely for over 19 years

After leaving Victoria’s Secret, Adriana has started participating in different programs and supporting women.

Before Adriana, many other angles of Victoria's Secret left it because they were unhappy with its women stereotypes. 

Only one type of body is considered a perfect body, and they slowly feel that it is the thing they want to make an impact on.

As Adriana left after those models left, many people thought the exact reason behind her quitting the runway. 

She hasn’t stopped modeling and has now started involving herself in other projects too.

Walking In Runway After Deliver 

Adriana Lima gave an interview to Pop-sugar Entertainment where she talked about the challenges that she faced after birth delivery being a model. 

Adriana had been one of the angles of Victoria's Secret for more than 20 years and she had done many shows during that time. 

This interview was taken 9 years back and at the time of this interview Adriana was mom of two children. 

She became part of Victoria's fashion show 7 weeks after birth of her second child. 

She really wanted to be part of that show so she decided to push herself and of course it was very challenging for her.

Adriana herself told that was the biggest challenge that she had ever faced in her life. 

Because of her pregnancy she went out of shape and for that show she had to get herself back in to the shape. 

She was not having proper sleep and with small baby she had hard time taking out time for her work out. 

She was not forced by any one to lose weight or get back into the show. She wanted to do it herself and for that she some how managed time for workout. 

During her this journey her husband supported her a lot. Her husband is an athlete so he was the one who supported her with her workout routine. 

As Adriana managed to get herself back in her track within short time of deliver many people wanted to know about her workout and diet. 

For those people Adriana told that everyone's body is different and whatever she does with her body makes her happy. 

When it comes to workout, exercise and diet she is very conscious about that. 

Working out, shopping, spending time with family is what she loves to do and she does eat healthy so that she could maintain herself. 

She also loves taking care of her skin and she loves using oils.


Valentina is currently 12 years old and has her birthday on November 15. Her height is 1.78 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Adriana is $95 Million. Her source of income is acting and modeling.

Valentina Lima Jaric's mother Adriana Lima
Valentina Lima Jaric's mother, Adriana Lima Source: Instagram

Shy When Talked About Virginity

In a talk show, Adriana was asked about her virginity. 

She was a virgin when she was 27 years old, and the interviewer asked her about that. 

She didn't hide that thing instead, she opened up about her not being a virgin publicly at that time. 

When the interviewer talked about her being a virgin, she got very shy and started blushing. 

She said it was her choice, and she remained stuck with her belief. 

By doing so, she feels comfortable with herself. Her values matter to her the most; she follows her value. 

She was taught that sex should be done after marriage from her religious aspects. 

Proud Of her Age 

In an interview, Adriana answered some of the questions that her fans most wanted to ask her, and the question was about her feeling in her 30s

For that, she replied, saying she enjoys every phase and moment of life, and while giving this interview, she was in her 35, and she said that the older she gets, the wiser she became.  

She said that she was proud of her age and was very happy. 

She became more mature and learned many more things about herself during her growing age. 

With the growing age, she feels more beautiful about herself, and she cherishes every moment and feels happy that she is getting to learn so much about herself. 

Trophy Means Nothing 

Kendell Jenner, a well-known model, was awarded as fight fashion icon back in 2017. 

The interviewer wanted to know about Adriana's thoughts on that in the talk show. 

Kendell hadn't been in the modelling industry for more than ten years, but still, she was chosen for the award, which the interviewers thought was unfair. 

They thought Kendell was chosen for that award because she belonged to the Kardashian family. 

Adriana replied, saying that she didn't think any unfair thing had happened. 

She thinks that Kendall managed to get that award through her social media as in current days, social media judge everything. 

She was happy for Kendell, but the actual thing that she felt about the award was meaningless. 

She clearly said that Kendell winning the trophy would create no difference to other models who are working hard, and no one would take their space. 

Chocolate Cakes As A Guilty Pleasure 

Adriana opened up about her being obsessed with chocolate cakes. 

She said that she enjoys a lot eating chocolate cake. 

When it comes to chocolate cake, she loses control. 

A piece doesn't satisfy her, so she eats two or three pieces of cake, and eating chocolate cakes makes her feel happy. 

But right after eating the cakes, she feels guilty about that, so chocolate cakes are her guilty pleasures. 

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