Who Is Wanda Bowles? Half Sister Of Dwayne Johnson

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Who Is Wanda Bowles? Half Sister Of Dwayne Johnson

Wanda Bowles is known to the public as the half-sister of actor Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock

She is the eldest of the three. Her father, Rocky Johnson, was a former professional wrestler. 

Her mother is Una Sparks. She was born when her father was just eighteen years old.

Wanda has a brother named Curtis Bowles and a step-brother, Dwayne Johnson.

Her parents tied the knot when she was four. They got separated in 1972. 

Who Is Dwayne's Wife?

Dwayne is happily married to Lauren Hashian. They started dating each other back in 2007

He was married once before he met her. The two met while filming a movie called The Game Plan in 2006

They started living with each other. The two welcomed their first child in 2015. 

They were blessed with another daughter in 2018. Finally, on August 18, 2019, the two tied the knot after being together for 13 years.

Johnson is a great husband and caring father. 

Dwayne Johnson with his wife.
Dwayne Johnson with his wife. Source: Instagram

Dwayne’s Passion Project

Dwayne gave an interview to Jimmy Fallon’s talk show where he talked about his daughters and Black Adam. 

He started the interview by talking about his daughters. Dwayne has three daughters aged 21, 6, and 4. 

Her two younger daughters love playing games, and they do really funny things with Dwayne

So his 6 and 4-year-old daughter has a favorite game called Daddy close your eyes. 

He has to close his eyes and lie down, and he has no idea about the stuff coming after that. 

His daughters drew on his face, and one morning, his daughter woke him at seven and told him to close his eyes.

After he closed his eyes, his daughter popped a water balloon on his face. 

He enjoys his daughters laughing and happily gets involved in their game. 

Dwayne then talked about his movie Black Adam. He opened up that he had been a DC fan since he was just a child, and making Black Adam movie was his passion project.

He always loved watching DC heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more, but in the DC Bible, there are more superheroes with amazing powers, and Black Adam is one of them. 

He said that Superman is cool on his own, but he is not allowed to kill, but in the case of Black Adam, he can kill.

It is one of the biggest and most important things in his career, so he wanted everything to be perfect. 

He said that he had to do lots of workouts and training to be perfect for the Black Adam. 

Every Superman costume had pads on so did the Black Adam costume, but Dwayne has a huge body, and wearing a padded costume would look disgusting on him. 

So he trained his body to look good in costume without pads. 


Her brother Dwayne is 47 years old.

Net Worth

Her brother Dwayne's net worth is estimated to be $800 million. He has earned this fortune as an actor and professional wrestler.

Wanda Bowles with her siblings.
Wanda Bowles with her siblings. Source: Instagram

Dwayne Johnson's Mother Survived A Horrific Car Accident

Ata Johnson is Dwayne's mother. He shared the news about his mother's accident through his Instagram

He posted a picture of a car after the accident. 

He said his mother is a survivor and has tackled many problems that came into her life as a fighter. 

He thanked the police and fire department for being there for his mother. 

He shared it was a miracle that his mother survived such a terrible accident. 

He mentioned he had only one parent left and advised everyone to love and appreciate their parents. 

Dwayne Lived As Nomad Till He Turned 16

Dwayne father was a professional wrestler, and back in the day, they didn’t have enough money and had to wander here and there. 

They were nomads. In an interview, he said they lived on roads until he was 16

He spent a lot of time while growing up in the car's back seat. 

Dwayne Became A Wrestler To Pull Himself Out Of Poverty

Dwayne went to college on a football scholarship. But he was sent back home with seven bucks to his name due to injuries. 

So, in the mid-90s, he put his foot into wrestling to pull himself out of poverty. 

He wrestled under the name Flex Kavana. He said he used to have eight shows every week. He worked in Memphis.

He made a massive name in the wrestling world. He is known as The Rock

Dwayne Enjoys Being The Father

Dwayne has three daughters. Dwayne often posts videos and photos of his two younger daughters. 

In an interview, he said that he would do anything for his girls, and he would never say no to whatever they ask. 

He mentioned that his number one priority is his daughters. He said he loves being a father rather than being other things in life.

He shared he was so busy that he missed many memorable moments when his first daughter was growing up. 

He was 29 when he had his first daughter. He said he grew up together with his older daughter. 

He revealed he tried to be the best dad for her, but it was hard for him as he could not give her the time she deserved.  

So after realizing what he had missed, he decided to dedicate himself to his daughter and be the number one daddy. 

He further added when he sees his younger daughter, he only sees love in their eyes. 

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