Who Is Zoe Maguire? Mother Of Harry Maguire

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Who Is Zoe Maguire? Mother Of Harry Maguire

Zoe Maguire is the mother of English professional football player Harry Maguire.

She's married to her husband, Alan Maguire. She has four children, three sons, Laurence Maguire, Joe Maguire, and Harry, and a daughter, Daisy Maguire.

She follows Christianity. She is a British citizen.

Zoe Maguire's children.
Zoe Maguire's children. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Zoe's Son Harry 

Harry is currently married to his wife, Fern Hawkins. Harry married Fern on 2022 June 25. 

They started dating in 2011, and after seven years of dating, they got engaged. 

A year after their engagement, they welcomed their first baby daughter Lillie Saint Maguire in 2019, and in 2020 they had their second daughter, Piper Rose Maguire.

Harry Maguire with his wife, Fern Hawkins.
Harry Maguire with his wife, Fern Hawkins. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Harry is 29 years old. The net worth of Harry is $20 Million

Zoe Maguire's son and husband, Alan Maguire.
Zoe Maguire's son and husband, Alan Maguire. Source: Twitter

Harry Was Sentenced To 21 Months

Harry went to Greek with his family, and just outside a bar, an incident happened that sent him to court and sentenced him to 21 months of prison. 

Harry was accused of attacking the police officials and resisting when police arrested him. 

He was also charged with bribing police officials. So he was punished by the Greek government. 

But in his side of the story, Harry expressed that Harry and his family was the victim and the officials were the people to be guilty. 

He revealed that two unknown men came up and injected his sister with some substances. 

And when he tried to defend her, the police officers attacked him instead. 

He appealed that the policeman beat him up. But his side of the story has yet to get justice in the court.

Family of Zoe Maguire.
Family of Zoe Maguire. Source: Instagram

Harry Was Removed From Lining Up

Harry has not been in his best form in recent matches. Having played some worst plays with his club Manchester United, he was no longer in the team's starting lineup.

He has always represented his club as a captain and has been in the lining-up squad. 

But his bad form has benched him off. Despite his bad form, he got his position in the national team's squad of England

But it is yet to know if he is in the starting lineup squad. He also admitted that he was not at his best lately and struggled emotionally. 

With all the criticism going around, he said he couldn’t ignore the criticism. Still, he hopes to give his best in the World Cup and is prepared for a long time.

Harry Was About To Get Replaced

Harry has been the captain of Manchester United for a long time, and on many occasions, his captaincy was on the verge of loss. 

But he held up tight with his armband and didn’t let his captaincy go away. 

But looking at his poor season, he was often questioned about still playing in the starting squad. 

However, with the introduction of Lisandro Martinez to the club, it was almost sure that he would get replaced. 

Since Lisandro was an expensive transfer from Ajax and he plays in central defense as Harry, United was looking to keep him to good use. 

Harry’s Home Was Filled With Bomb

Harry’s bad form was really getting on the nerves of the Manchester United fans, who all criticized the defender for his games. 

He himself agreed that he was not at his best and was messing up badly in the club. 

He was constantly threatened and lashed out by the fans in his DMs and person. 

But things went off the limits when his family was brought up for his mistakes. 

A person threatened him by saying that his house was filled with bombs. 

It was a life threatened threat for him and his family. He had to move out with his family for a few days until the police searched his house. 

He only moved in after it was confirmed that his house was safe for him and his family to stay in.

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