Zoe Yasemin Oz- Stunning Daughter Of Mehmet Oz Dating?

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Zoe Yasemin Oz- Stunning Daughter Of Mehmet Oz Dating?

Zoe Yasemin Oz is the daughter of a famous T.V. personality and doctor Mehmet Oz. Her mother's name is Liza Oz

The date of birth of Zoe and her birthplace is unknown. She is the grandchild of Mustafa Oz, Suna Oz, Gerald Lemole, and Emily Jane Lemole. 

Zoe Yasemin Oz parents Mehmet Oz and Liza Oz
Zoe Yasemin Oz's's parents Mehmet Oz and Liza  Oz Source: Instagram

Dating And Affairs

Zoe has not revealed her relationship status. Maybe she is single or may have a secret boyfriend. Her relationship status is unknown. 

Zoe's father is Turkish American T.V personality, and her mom Lisa is an author. They got married in 1985, and they are together today. 

They had an arranged marriage set by their parents. They are blessed with four children. 

They welcomed their first baby in 1986.

Siblings Of Zoe

Zoe is blessed with three loving siblings. She has two sisters and one brother. 

Arabella Sezen and Daphne Oz are Zoe's sisters, and Oliver Mustafa Oz is her brother. 

Among her siblings, Daphne is famous. On February 17, 1986, Daphne was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. 

She is 35 years old. She is an American T.V host, Food Writer, social media personality, and chef.

Zoe Yasemin Oz siblings
Zoe Yasemin Oz siblings Source: Instagram

Dr. Oz On Virus Protocol 

Dr. Oz gave an interview to The Tonight Show, Oz's Starring JImmy Fallon, where he talked about the deadly virus Corona Virus and told how people can reduce its transmission. 

Dr. Oz told that as a the virus is so deadly that it can infect more than half population of the country just in a year. 

He told that people get hurt while Doctors or surgeon tells truth to them. But he is completely okay with hurting people and telling the truth because it will help them to get ready about the upcoming situation and they will know to the act properly. 

He started explaining the occurrence of the virus saying that the virus came from bat which got attached with the virus that can easily get through the human body and their combination made a virus that can infect people in such a way that people had never thought about. 

It originated from the Wuhan. He told that the virus attacks the immune system of people and the virus mostly affect the people of age between 10 to 60

The good news about the virus was it not affecting the old people and pregnant women. 

He told people not to panic about that virus and always try to help the people who are need. 

He also shared some survival protocol on his Instagram. He shared some of the protocol to the interview and told people to improve their lifestyle and for that told to sleep and exercise well. 

He also told people to maintain their hygiene. He showed how surgeons actually wash their hand and told people to wash their hand in that same way. 

He told that if people wash their hand properly for 20 second then their half of chance of getting that virus reduces. 

He said to eat proper food and in case if people see any symptoms of virus he asked people to consult a doctor on the phone and maintain social distance with people. 

He shared very informative things on the interview .

Net worth and Source of earning

Zoe is a chief marketing officer at Kairos Company. The average salary of a chief marketing officer is $175,791 per year.

She is also a social media personality. She has a good number of active followers on her Instagram.  Mehmet, Zoe's father, Mehmet, is sixty-one years old and has an excellent net worth. His net worth is $100 million

He has a $20 million salary per month.  


Zoe's age is unknown. According to sources, she is in her 30s. 

She is an American, whereas her father is Turkish American. Her religion is unknown. 

However, her father is Muslim, and her mother is Christian.

Zoe Is Grateful To Her Sister For Bringing Four Beautiful Children

Zoe's Instagram is filled with Daphne's children's pictures. Zoe is blessed with four nephews and niece. 

She loves them very much. Zoe had posted very cute post on her Instagram about her sister's daughter. 

She said that quarantine became better with her presence. She is not her mom but loves her like her own baby. 

She is always grateful to her sister for bringing four lovely kids into her life. All her posts are filled with love for her sister's children. 

She really had a good time with them.

Zoe Yasemin Oz sisters and niece
Zoe Yasemin Oz sisters and niece Source: Instagram

About Father

Zoe's father is a doctor, an athlete, and a T.V. personality.

Mehmet decided to be a doctor at the age of seven. His father, who was a doctor himself, was his inspiration. 

He as a doctor got the Best Doctor of the year award.

He was an athlete during his university days. 

He was qualified for the school's level water polo and intercollegiate football teams. 

He is well known for his show named The Dr. Oz show. Besides this, he is also a writer.

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